Twtich stream starts to autoplay in main page?

So i’m not sure how’s intended to work but recently i’ve noticed that after staying in main page for a minute or two ( i mean not navigating to coin shop ar anything ) starts to autoplay twitch streams you guys have in a middle.

I’m pretty sure that didint happen before now or at least it stayed muted or something.

EDIT : Hey mods, feel free to delete this thread if necessary since it was my own stupidity lol.


You turned off the autoplay function I assume? I am testing it right now on my PC, will get back to you in a few minutes.

I am staring at the twitch stream box (autoplay off).

It’s been about 5 minutes while I had the window sitting there, and waited, nothing happened. I think the autoplay off function is working fine for me.


Never touched anything down there, i think i have only scrolled there once or twice in years being here.

But if there’s such option i’m going to look for it and turn it off again ( if it’s on ) .

EDIT : Yup it was ‘ON’ somehow. Case solved i guess, everyone can get back to their life lol.


maybe you deleted cookies recently or something?

I used ccleaner a few days ago, and yr post here made me want to check, and mine was on too.