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TWISTEDBRUSH PRO STUDIO 23 Free for 2 Days($99 US Value)



So TWISTEDBRUSH PRO STUDIO 24 is out so, like clockwork, Version 23 is being offered for FREE. So a call out to all artists, and photographers… @Inferry, @terryndonita, @Rilover, @Whitishmink, @YQMaoski, @GanbaRANGER, @CptMold, @yitzilitt …I am sure I am leaving out people… Get it while it’s hot! It’s worth $99.00. And remember never update it or you will lose the Pro Version.

Here is the page for the giveaway:

Here is Pixarra’s Home Page:

Artist Showpage:

Enjoy, Everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Edit: Added @yitzilitt to my “Artist List”. :thinking:


great thanks!


@delenn13 isn’t the hero we deserve, but the one we need.



I don’t know where Mistress Delenn gets all her energy from. I just hope I have half the energy she has if I ever reach 80.


Once I get out of this place, called “school” I’ll gladly download it. love you for this piece of advice<3 ^^



euh, no comment on the fact that they low-key insinuated yr 80 years old? lol


I am sure he is enjoying that Death Glare of Dame Judi!:exploding_head:

And sometimes…Ignoring a statement can deliver a hotter burn than acknowledging it.