Turn off twitch stream autoplay.

Just don’t do that. Autoplaying on a not video-hosting website is very annoying.


You have the option of turning it off. Once you choose it and you allow the site to store a cookie/settings, it doesn’t change.

No issues for me since this was introduced, moons ago.


a bad first impression would happen if someone come here and don’t know where the sounds come from. Just turn it off by default as it’s bad practice to have a autoplay stream or video.
And What is the reason to not autoplay ONLY if you scroll to the stream unless you want ruining the experience.
The worst is if you’re on mobile trying to just buy games and some random sounds busting from your phone when you first visit it from isthereanydeal.
I have visited the website a long time and I haven’t seen it cuz I live in a region where live streams are not online when I visit the website anyway, probably only game trailers are shown which don’t autoplay.


I definitely agree with you, autoplay should be off by default. It’s been argued before and chrono does what chrono thinks is best for chrono so don’t take the unresponsiveness here for anything but resignation.


Yup, loud sound coming through the phone speakers at random from a source nowhere on screen is a bit jarring, I think off-by-default is a good idea, probably the best thing really.

If not possible, I would suggest something like sound being automatically muted like in many sites that have autoplay videos unless you click on it. But this raises the problem where someone with data limits on mobile might be accidentally burning through a lot of data unknowingly, so I think this might hurt a lot of people instead. And having the sound/noise would at least prompt people to turn it off.


I do agree with off-by-default for autoplay (because it’s not just data/bandwidth but RAM as well for those like me that are underprivileged). Of course, I turned that off long ago and only if I’m somehow logged out (without my input saying to log me out), do I have to adjust the setting again.


Auto-play should be off by default. Coins going away is fine. But auto-play was about to make me unsub from Chrono forever like I would have done with any other site without thinking about it. I decided to do a quick search on the community tab for this issue though, and found this topic on the front page. As long as I don’t have issues with it forgetting my setting in the future I’ll stay subbed, but auto-play videos is #1 on my list of things to blacklist a site for.

At the very least the auto-play toggle should be pinned to the top of the page at all times to make it easier for people to see it.