Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle


OMG these guys suck so bad

I’ve been using the same card for years without issues. Then suddenly I once had this happen and that payment could never go through. Then I’ve since made other purchases from Humble with the same card without any issues at all, and now they’re back at it. And the worst thing is that they actively encourage me to cancel the order WTF

edit: lol, no, this time it’s me that sucks actually :joy: I just realized I don’t have enough $ on the card to begin with :joy: so, yeah, i actually cancelled now and am transferring $ from a different account to that one so i can try again tomorrow :sweat_smile:

@Fraggles yeah, sry bout that :melting_face:

(last time it happened i did have the $ though; i suspect it’s cuz they ran out of keys then)


I’ve gotten that message once or twice myself, I think they just pick some orders at random to be checked manually. Not sure if that is effective what so ever to prevent any silly business though or what it is they really verify. Usually goes through within a few minutes as far as I recall.

Or there could be a legitimate reason as well I suppose.

Anyway, are we sure we want to provide charity to Turkish and Syrian people? They’re pretty high on the list of awful governments having done terrible things to people both contemporary and historically.


double edit:

yo no WTF I DID HAVE ENOUGH CUZ NOW I REALIZE $30 HAD LEFT MY ACCOUNT (thus putting me below $30 and making me think the problem was a lack of $) AND HAVE NOW COME BACK NOW THAT I’VE CANCELLED






so the money is definitely not going to those governments

and why would i not want to help those innocent ppl who have become homeless and lost everything and have nothing to do with what their governments have been doing? Those aren’t even democracies dude.

edit: so yeah, back to square one: the $ have again left my account but it needs to be “verified” (i even had to verify my phone number for it both times and that’s still not enough)

I guess it’s ok if people in the West help the ppl there but “people from there or thereabouts” shouldn’t be allowed to do so?


Scrolling sideways through 72 games because ‘you’re on mobile! We think you’ll prefer this UI change!’ is rather obnoxious.

oh, right, it’s not 72 games, it’s 70 and two starfinder thingies.

As for the content, it’s not very appealing to me for $30. It looks like a lot of indie filler to me that I really don’t need as I’ll likely never play.


yeah, the bundle is absolutely not worth it for me for the games, but I do want gotham knights, and i do want to help at least a little bit, so it’s good enough for me

my kids are going to be happy cuz i’m gonna have a bunch of keys for them to distribute to them


It’s just a callback to an argument that went on a few days ago.
But lets devil’s advocate it a little.

The money is still going into those countries, providing food, medication, potentially infrastructure that the government then would not need to supply and as such saving them money to spend on evil deeds instead. Also not being a democracy isn’t much of a defense, is it? That just means the people have not worked hard enough to depose their leaders, which would be beneficial to them first and foremost but also to the world in general.

Might it not be a citizen’s duty to incite a civil war before the government that represents them starts an international one? I’m sure Ukrainians would have preferred if the war was happening in Russia right now. And it’d be the Russian people who suffered from the bad Russian leadership rather than Ukranian’s suffering due to the same. That seems fairer, doesn’t it?

I mean if we are going to argue that Russian people should be punished through economic sanctions and boycotts that implies that we ARE laying responsibility for the government’s actions at the feet of the inhabitants. So if that’s fair then maybe it could follow that we also can’t help people in need in a country with a government who has or are doing bad things?

Maybe I’ll buy a bundle if it comes with Erdrogan apologizing for trying to coerce us to hand over political dissidents, trying force us to change our laws and blocking NATO membership?

Or hey I don’t know, I don’t actually want any of those games and I don’t have $30 to toss away so it’s kind of a moot point either way.


yeah, i was kinda wondering whether it was just more so about that, lol

now, as for your other arguments, the only thing I’d argue is that instead of punishing the people of a country which invades another through economic sanctions or whatever other tools which indeed are unjust towards them, you should just destroy that country’s army and leadership instead, but ofc then we’re entering into the whole argument that that might provoke a nuclear holocaust then.

I personally don’t think it would make much sense for the Russian ppl to go fight their government and die just so Ukrainians don’t die. Those Russian ppl don’t deserve to die anymore than those Ukrainians do. And if we rly want to argue that, yes, you should just be ready to give up your own life just to stop the Russian government from killing Ukrainians, well, then, indeed, why not then risk it all and just effectively destroy the Russian army and leadership and risk the nuclear holocaust?

Random Russian individuals don’t actually have the firepower to destroy the Russian army and leadership, but all these other countries who are supposedly “helping” the Ukrainians do have the actual power to do so if they wanted to. So then if the Russians should voluntarily fight their government over their aggression, then why shouldn’t all Westerners and other people not fight their governments over their inaction so that they would grab the power themselves and intervene to save the Ukrainian people???

That’s all i’m gonna say about this subject, and I wasn’t actually planning on entering it to begin with, but yeah, my worthless 2 cents.


2 cents received and here’s your change.

Why would I? It isn’t in any way my fault Putin is in power, the only people to blame for Putin would be the Russian people. Those among them who supports him and those among them who have failed to stop him. You don’t have to best the entire Russian army, you just had to put a bullet in one particular head. So if we’re talking about who does or does not deserve to die I’d say neither me nor Ukrainians have done anything that would invalidate rights to life.

Not even a tiny little bit more? Once your government starts killing foreigners maybe that blood does stain your hands just smidge, whether you agree with it or merely let it happen? Maybe you had the duty to do whatever it took to prevent that? And at what point does Putin lose breathing privileges?

Personally it’d take a lot for me to advocate for the death penalty. But there’s places around the world where such judgements are handed down with some regularity and most of them Putin’s actions might very well qualify. What would be accomplished though? Would another lunatic pick up the reins and continue? Or is this Putin’s personal dick waving festival and simply taking him out of the picture would solve the problem?

We don’t really have the answers to any of those questions though so don’t worry about it. But I kind of think it might be an option that could well be worth keeping on the table.

It is not Westerners duty to prevent horror perpetrated by another party, certainly not at the cost of additional lives, it is the perpetrator who bears responsibility to stop. The question is who one qualifies as perpetrator. Putin alone, or Russia as a whole?

Oh and just as an addendum before someone starts whataboutism about how awful the USA is and all the wars they’ve waged and therefor all this also applies to Americans. In current Russia there’s a possibility that getting Putin out of the way would change things, this has never been the case with any American president.



yeah, they suck. I’ve done plenty of purchases from them with the same card before. :face_exhaling:

no gotham knights for me :frowning_face:


I feel like the Turkey-Syria earthquakes and Ruzzia are two separate issues.

Are the governments of Turkey and Syria great? No. I wouldn’t approve of sending direct monetary aid to those governments. But, to me, funding humanitarian aid groups that go into a country to help the citizens is okay.

I would argue that not helping may actually be detrimental. If you’re helped by other countries, you are more likely to disapprove of your governments actions against them, and thus attempt to make changes. Whereas if countries said, “nope, your government is being a jerk, we won’t help” (to be clear, not waging war) the people are more likely to think, “the world abandoned us when we were in need, so fuck the world” which may actually strengthen the oppressive government and support for it.

“we started a war with another country, and the world abandoned us” is a lot different. I would think reasonable people would understand why the world cut the country off.

That being said, it’s a very morally complex/grey area and doesn’t always have a clear right or wrong answer. Not wanting to support an oppressive government in any way is understandable. Wanting to help the citizens through humanitarian efforts even though the government is oppressive is understandable as well.


I am passing on this because I went through the list and I own over 35 of the games. I quit counting at 35 so there are probably more. Besides I want to get this for Mr. Delenn.