TTRPG Bundles

I just wanted folks to be aware that this exists:

Bundle of holding isn’t a site I use myself, but the Traveller rules are considered one of the early classics.

It has a few wonky mechanics (like death is possible in character creation), but in case folks weren’t aware I just wanted to put it here.


I’ve never heard of these. It says table top roleplaying but I wonder what it looks like to have a group playing it. I’m guessing like D&D with a dungeon master to lead the game while the group tries to navigate the world?

May I be nitpicky? That website needs an “About” page telling visitors what they are selling and why people should buy/try it. Especially for people that have never done table top RPGs. But I guess people that don’t know about it aren’t the target audience…

Anyway, thanks for letting us know.


I would definitely agree, there is a product description at the very bottom, but yeah, there is a lot of stuff that is a bit vague.


Death during character creation? That’s amazingly hilarious!


I changed the original title, so that other people can post Tabletop RPG packages that are interesting to them.

Humble bundle just opened up another.

By and large, Humble RPG bundles are really good (and are one of the main reasons I still look at humble bundle). I have been really happy with the fact that most of the packages are pretty exhaustive. Tier 1 is a great introduction to a system, and if you are a GM there are tons of adventures included!