Trying to revive a Yahoo account from a long forgotten tomb... (Preferably in three days or less)

Happy Easter everyone! I’m asking this here because this is a community that I am fairly common with and… I don’t know where else I should ask. :sweat_smile:

Okay… So recently I was reminding of a very fairly old email of mine. (@Yahoo if you want to know.) I tried to get into said email and I did with the correct password, however this is where things tend to fall down. Even if I knew the password (Same case for account recovery.) There is a gmail account associated with my email. Now I am not entirely certain whether this gmail account is mine or not, but I cannot remember the entire name of it. It has been a solid 9-10 years since I used this yahoo account besides Skype. (Which is how I was reminded of my previous yahoo email account.)

As far as I can look in to solving this problem is one of a few ways… currently thinking of others.

  1. Paying 5$ for a phone call to Yahoo Email Support. (I will not do this. Just an option that was out there as crazy as it sounds.)

  2. When logging into a yahoo account that’s trying to check you for suspicious behavior, if you have an account connected to it, it shows partially the lettering (R*****L4@…) of what that account is. What I want to know is what that accounts name is entirely. For the life of me I can not remember a gmail account I created before that. I would say it is likely it got taken by a hacker, but then again, if I know if it is or not, more reason to contact (a free) Yahoo email support.

  3. Contact Yahoo for email support for free. (This is the same as the first one, but would be highly better if I could find a way where I don’t have to pay to contact to revive a ten year old account.)

Anyways, just asking for some help. If you know of a community elsewhere that talking about this would be more appropriate, (Besides Reddit) let me know! If you already know of ways (Currently trying to find a way for number 2.) I would be ever so grateful. Thank you either way and have a happy Easter! :latin_cross:

P.S. If per chace this kind of topic isn’t really allowed here, let me know and I’ll take it down… Thanks.


Yes, it is allowed.

I would try the free support and see what it offers; then, go from there. Not knowing the gmail account maybe a bit sticky, especially since you think it could be hacked. And if that is the case, you may have more problems.

Hope you get it straightened out and Happy Easter to you too :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yahoo has had multiple data breaches over the years. However, the fact your current password “works” is rather interesting. I would think someone would change the password on you if they got in.

I stopped using Yahoo years ago.