Try XCOM 2 for the weekend!!!

As part of a promotion for Xcom 2’s upcoming huge expansion, the game is free to play for the weekend
The game is not permanently free, it’s only a play for free weekend
But! that gives you some 3 days to enjoy this amazing game! Which i highly recommend you do and try out

(alright link doesn’t display the temporary free “Play Now” version, only the paid, but it is free for the weekend, so check it out)

fair notice, it can be a bit heavy performance demanding depending on your system, and even more if you use/install Long War 2 mod (which i also highly recommend you try out at some point, tho 3 days might not exactly be enough to get through everything)


You can also download the War of the Chosen Propaganda Centre. It is a demo to make in game posters for the upcoming campaign on 29th August.

It’s not quite Mark of the Ninja, but it is a good game.

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