Truly Wireless Earphones, Worth A Buy?

So I have been contemplating buying some truly wireless earphones (eg. something like Apple Airpods) for a while now, but have always been a bit reluctant to make the plunge usually because of the high asking price, size of the earbuds or the short amount of time that the batteries last for (usually 3-5 hours).

Then I saw this on indiegogo a few days ago Pamu Slide, Born for Music, Never Fall Out | Indiegogo

and it seem to fix most of the previous issues I had:

  • 10 hrs playtime per charge (plus 5 recharges per case charge)
  • Not super big
  • Less than $100 Australian

And it seems like they have run other indiegogos with positive product reviews

So i decided to pledge for some, but I guess I can still back out before the campaign ends, so for some ease of mind, I have a few questions for people here:

  • Have you used truly wireless headphones before?
  • What were your experiences with them (good or bad)?
  • Are the sound quality/latency ok from ones you have used?
  • Would you recommend people try them over regular headphones or other styles or wireless headphones?
  • Have you tried this Pamu brand before?
  • Do you think they are worth the money?

Thanks in advance


I’m curious what people say about this. I’m not a fan of wireless earbuds myself, so I use Sony 900N’s (Over the ear) for my wireless music/noise cancelling needs. I’ve not heard of this brand, but having well rated product history seems like a good starting point.


Wireless or not I am not the biggest fan on over the ear stuff, generally because I wear glasses and it pushes them against my head and gets uncomfortable after a while and it gets real hot and stuffy for me around the ears after prolonged use. Otherwise I am ok with over the ear headphones and I feel it generally gives you a better sound experience, but I only use them for gaming headsets.
Edit: Forgot to mention I like the portability of earphones as well.


I generally don’t trust bluetooth anymore. I’ve had a few wireless headphones, keyboards and stuff and bluetooth has just been a massive pain.
The one good pair of wireless headphones I own are the Sennheiser RS 175 that I use for media on my tv. But they are RF and not portable in the slightest.


Pete, I have a pair of wireless ear buds, but I don’t use them much, because I don’t like the sensation of something inside my ear. I do use them for exercise.

I remember having wireless headphones about 15 yrs ago as well, and was significantly disappointed by the quality of the sound.

Newer ones actually work really well and have good preservation of signal quality and sound output.

Mine currently is just a cheap set that is from a local store for $30, and the sound quality is excellent. I only use them for exercise and I hardly can tell any difference between wired or these wireless earbuds. I have good quality wired headphones as well.

I don’t know if I would recommend the wireless ones, mainly because of the nuisance of needing to recharge them (about every 5 hours, so about once to twice a week). But for exercise purposes not having those cords is a big plus. So I would say yes and no to that one, depending on what you are using it for.

No, never used Pamu brand.

For me, and for what I use my headphones for, they are worth the money, but being a skeptic, I did not plunk down a lot of money and bought something that is seemingly lower quality and cheap. But until these ones break, I am not going to get any new ones, they do their job.


I use the hyper x cloud flight and it can go for a few days without me needing to charge them. to be wireless they do need to be connected to the usb but for the normal headphone jack you do need to be wired also it has some pretty good range for you to hear it. I would say that wireless headphones are worth it


So those have a wireless usb hub?


totally headphone dependant, I have some over ears which sit very comfortable even with glasses on. try them in store


No mention of which codec they use, quality is likely to be bad.




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I am not a fan of wireless so I don’t have an opinion but here’s some sales from including PaMu Scroll wireless earbuds.