Troubles unpausing humble monthly.

Heya , i did write humble support but it might take a while so just in case i wondered maybe some of you people have encountered this strange issue.

I’ve tried to unpause my monthly for this month and i’ve got this error :slight_smile:

There was a problem processing your payment:

The billing agreement has been cancelled


I’ve also got two emails saying that my monthly is unpaused and i can get my early unlocks and trove games . But my card wasnt charged anything as of now and i obviously didint get my early unlocks.

I’m paying through paypal and it’s up and running like a charm.

Any ideas?

EDIT : So i’m starting to understand that since i’m unpausing and not getting a month from a scratch i will be charged at the end of the month and only then receive the games. So would just outright cancelling subscrption and getting one new month would give me games instantly?


regardless of unpausing or new month from scratch you can always get your games right away, which will also bill you instantly (always billed when you claim games early)
sounds like the system failed in recognizing you’d unpaused and claim your early unlocks in a “single” move. I’d suggest just claim again until it does
not sure if it hicks up a bit more easily because of PP, but with my card attached i’ve never seen the issue on unpausing or claiming early
you should be straight up able to just hit the “get early unlocks” button again/“over” until it actually registers you did it
and if actually just keeps messing up, cancel it it and renew it (provided you didn’t have a multi month sub but just single)
billing at end of month only occurs when you let your sub run out and get the early unlocks “late”

tho thinking of it, you shouldn’t even have to do an unpause, it’s a new month, so unless you manually paused yesterday, it should be ready to go and just have been able to hit claim right away…
might just have to clear cache/refresh?

edit, if it says next billing date is August 30th, then you’ve already somehow paid for this month, either via a previous multi-month sub, or by getting your single month early. If it was from a previous multi-month (that then lapses in august) you’d still have to claim your games early to get them “now”, you just wont get billed for it(since you’ve previously paid ahead). Only month-to-month subs gets billed instantly on claiming early unlocks.


Well it took a lot of effort but i finally got it working ( and also saved 3$ in the process lol ) . Had to completely end my monthly sub , remove and re-add my paypal account as a payment method , delete current inactive payment bill in paypal and make a new month-to-month sub. Humble also gave me 3$ discount to ‘not unsub’ but lol sorry ,humble, i had no choice :smiley: