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Trick or Treat ... if you Dare! Closed giveaway. Ran from Nov. 2 - 3rd, 2019


is this okay?
its one line (?)
@discobot roll 3d10


:game_die: 8, 6, 3


so 8+6-3=11


I am the Bot Whisperer.


Yup! But the fun (read that as ‘evil’) part is to choose to do the dare roll! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm, where did @Vindace go?

He keeps missing these. Going close in 5 minutes. Since it’s not a lot of us here right now, the faster the rounds, the more chances to roll!


Tis time. Dun dun dun! >>

Anywho: House roll!

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 1, 6, 5


wow even i didnt win


There we have it! The house is on a roll, sorta.

@ljrounds You’re up, my friend!


Well, ya’ll already know what I’m goin’ for from afore.

I’ll choose Heroes of the Monkey Tavern.

Thanks for all the fun!




Welp, I’m going to leave now. Thanks for everything, we appreciate it :heart:


Alright! One last round. Then I’ll rest and take a break to let other time zones filter into Chrono.

You guys be ready when I change the title to reflect 10!


@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 10


Round 10: Dare! @discobot roll 2d10


:game_die: 4, 5


@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 9