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Transferring Chrono Coins to Steam Wallet


Is she back??? I summon her!!!

She has to January 21st to claim her game…Get it, girl!


No I believe she’s currently in Paris, if her plans are working out. Wont be heading home until the 16th.


Fraggles is correct. What game are you talking about @delenn13?

Also im less than one hour away from Van Goghs grave and in tears.


omg you silly goose, don’t go do stuff that makes you sad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:cookie: :hugs: have a cookie and cheer up,
and i hope your trip is unfolding magnificently and a mostly enjoyable experience, when you aren’t grieving all the artists of yore


You do know if she doesn’t go, she will cry about missing it. It’s her “kobayashi maru”.

Never mind, you, traveling troubadour. Steam is keeping it safe until January 21st.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes: