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Transferring Chrono Coins to Steam Wallet


Just to let everyone know…According to @Punkster, once you get that special title it can’t be changed. It’s yours for FOREVER . Until you bother the Chrono Gods(TPTB) again.

So make sure to think :thinking: It’s like a tattoo! :sunglasses:


y but is that actually something we can request? Wouldn’t it be very bothersome if everyone starts requesting their own titles?


Short answer, no.

Short answer, yes.

And think that is only the start, finding Rupert’s secret lair and providing him his exact weight in catnip to the gram (without ever having seen him or having been told his weight) was one of the worst tasks to complete, it took me 20 tries before he accepted my offering.


You can’t change it? I thought you could still change it in your preferences, but you just cant go back to the custom title after you have changed from it.


WE Might be able to…I am not sure. But I know @punkster said his only option was blank…I would have to search for it…and it could have been in one of the PMs that we do the giveaways in…


I can verify that @punkster indeed mentioned that he did not have an option of any other titles after he ascended to poop prophethood.


Actually clicking on your link and reading the list of “WHO WE ARE” made me realize something:

There are no women working at Chrono.

“What this party lacks is the civilizing influence of women.”
A Field in England


I can’t believe I’ve never looked at that page. Also, what a picky cat.

A custom title would be pretty cool but if it’s a one time never-changeable thing I feel like I should contribute to the community more meaningfully (somehow) first.


With the addition of of being able to purchase games on steam for Chrono Coins, can users also get an option to buy low value steam cards such as $5-$20 as well?

For example, $10 Steam cards would cost 7500 ChronoCoins


There’s already a thread with this topic:

but while we’re at it, I’d also love the option to order pizza for chrono coins

[@PeteMcc or @delenn13: could u merge this topic with mine pls? ty :slight_smile: ]


I read yours before posting mine, I wouldn’t say we are exactly on the same track…
From the way I understood it, you want $1 per ChronoCoin, and on multiple platforms, What you want is pretty much a crypto currency, I just want an exchange.


The truth is my thread is pure sarcasm; and the only thing i want is for ppl to start getting real.

I welcome you to the forum; there’s lots of giveaways here quite often, so stick around, and the community here is awesome too.

I just hope u do realize we already get free games for nothing at all in return except clicking for coins; if u think about it for 2 secs, u would realize that if Chrono were to implement any of these ideas, they would go bankrupt within weeks, and then there would be no more amazing daily deals and no more free games for coins…


Not a bad idea for users, a terrible idea for business. If the coins were changed to only be given to users for purchasing games with real money instead of getting free daily coins, this might be feasible. Otherwise, the site would be flooded by countless bots with masked IPs collecting coins for the sole purpose of farming Steam cash cards.


And i still want to pay my bills with chrono coins…:scream:

Oh and @Verm…Welcome to the forum. And we do giveaways…Stick around!


I’m one of the people who denies this! On a recent interrogation she tased me! I don’t even remember what my complaint was about at the time! I spasmed so violently, I nearly shook out all of my Chrono coins! I had to bribe her with half of my coins just to make her stop! I probably made a confession of some crime too while I was at it, except I don’t know what!


It was a:

Geeze…Get it right!:exploding_head:


Stop interrogating me!


You should check the about us page again @coralinecastell, you might get a nice surprise.




here to appreciate correct usage of the sarcasm symbol.