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Transferring Chrono Coins to Steam Wallet


Wouldn’t it be great if you could transfer your Chrono Coins to your Steam Wallet? Just imagine, if Chrono would be willing to implement this at a 1:1 ratio, we would be able to buy all the games we could ever dream of on Steam.

It would also be great to expand this to Blizzard’s, Bethesda’s, and Ubisoft’s apps as well as to GOG and Origin just so we could buy exclusives as well.

Thanks Chrono, love u!

[edit: oh y, almost forgot, how did that go again? i think it’s (!) (!) (!) or something like that]

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New payment method

How about Paypal? Or Google Wallet? Or even Visa/mastercard? I could pay my bills…:thinking:

Chrono loves you too. :heart_eyes:


I know you are joking @M00 but just for those who come here thinking this is serious I am going to link my other explanation here, just replace daily deals with your currency of choice

Also when and how did you change your name?
We as mods can’t even change our names


Told you:::::::::


Well does Chrono love me enough to change my name to “Destroyer of Accounts” or “The Ban Hammer Smasher”? You can be the “good cop” mod of the forums as everyone knows you have a sweet demeanor, so I am thinking I should turn heel and be the “bad cop” and I need a name that fits that.


There are people here would deny that…Trust me!


I don’t know I think that is pretty universally recognized around here, I think people would be far more on the fence about me. I am still thinking of names till one sticks “Deleter of Posts”?


You Pete? Never!

Wait, are you after a Community Deleter™ role? I’m sure we can arrange something.


If the shoe fits my friend why not? someone has to instill fear into people around here. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_ogre:


I’ll give it some thought, there are some serious criteria to fill to make it into that exclusive club.

Back on topic: (as if it’s worth it!)
I’m voting for Chrono coins to be transferable to Blizzard, that way I can spend them on Diablo Immortal micro-transactions! It’s genius I tell you!


Banned for forgetting to add the sarcasm symbol.



/s is always your friend


I see you got your wish Pete! Nice.

Bearing in mind the content of my posts, it’s probably best if we just append (!) to my username.


Praise be to the chrono gods, for i fell asleep as a community leader and now have awoken as the Deleter of Posts. I shall now be taking a few weeks break to reflect on my new role (seriously i am going on holiday), but may your posts quiver in fear of the thought of my return, as they may not be long for this world. :hocho::hocho::hocho::ghost:


I thought the Deleter of Posts thing was pretty new.

Also yeah @M00 nice new name. I’m gonna have to get used to that now.

Also how do you guys keep getting new titles? can we use Chrono coins for that?


You think you can buy new titles with your petty coins? No, thy must deemed worthy and gain the favor of the lords of chrono.

idea on how to use coin outside of the coin shop(but not really)

Looks for a “Worthy” badge

I must seek more about these lords of Chrono and unlock the secrets of their favour.


I will give you this, just like Hercules there are 12 tasks that you must complete, but they are a secret. I shouldn’t tell you this but one of those tasks is to complete Poop in my Soup 100%… that is all I can say.


I clearly missed out when it sold out of the coin shop.


I never was a completist anyway I guess.