Transaction History Suggestion

I’ve noticed a lot of people having their streaks broken, and while some of them are a complete mystery as the users have checked their histories diligently with timezones in mind, others are unsure of when in their timezone will reset their cycle (and by cycle I mean both the coins and the deal of the day and any other things needs to change such as adding games to the coin shop, etc.). So I was wondering if a future feature could be implemented, where the transaction history of the coins page could include a timestamp of when the coin was collected in the Pacific timezone. And the timestamp will automatically adjust for PDT/PST depending on which half of the year it is (not everyone observes daylight savings time, including parts of North America, making this even more confusing).

It should offer some kind of help to let us understand’s cycle better, or at least offer a hint as to why the streak reset. I mean, it might save you time from digging into the logs over and over again when somebody raises a concern. I suppose you could also put a copy of the countdown timer on the coins page? Not sure why anybody would want it, since we already have a timer on the main page indicating when the deal changes, and it’s the exact same time as when the coins resets. I dunno. Throwing a copy of the timer on the coins page seems redundant and unnecessary to me, but I’ll leave that up to the community to decide. But having a timestamp using’s timezone would be useful information for our transaction history.

Thoughts everyone?

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I can not see how that would be useful in any way, If anything I would expect that to cause even more confusion. “I clicked the coin on the 2nd (early) but in the logs it says it was the 1st and then I came back on the 3rd (late) and the log also says 3rd so you skipped a day and now my streak is broken”

I would say it’s by far less confusing that the users log is based on local times, it’s not that hard to figure out when in your time zone the deal/coin renew happens. The cycle really is not particularly complicated, it’s a 24h cycle. It happens the same time every day.

Something you could change though that would make it clearer for the rest of the world would be to use the proper ISO standard time format YYYY-MM-DD not the current ass backwards american “We gotta do things like no one else just for the sake of it” abomination of a format.

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I was thinking not everyone realizes the cycle restarts at 9 AM Pacific, and not midnight local timezone, or 9 AM local timezone. If it was on’s timezone, we would know how close it is to 9 AM.

Better solution to that would simply add the time to the FAQ.
Q: When does new deals appear on the site?
A: 9AM Pacific

Now you know and have all the information you need to figure things out for yourself and if you’re really uncertain about how time zones work then google will help.


I think it would be helpful to show the time clicked, it shows the date which isn’t nearly as helpful so why not?

If people could see they clicked coins at 6:58 am (Chrono time) on the 14th and then at 9:10 am on the 15th it would make a lot more sense to them why their streak was broken and when. It might not be the most useful thing ever but it would give those people answers that they themselves hecked up. If it just stops a couple people from posting in this forum that there is a bug when it was their own fault then I am all in for time stamps.


I guess they could add another question to the FAQ to specifically explain the time when a new cycle begins, whereas the “What is” answers that amongst other things. However, I don’t think everybody reads the FAQ (located in Support on the bottom of the main page). Furthermore, the 9 AM Pacific time is also mentioned at the browser window’s title bar ( - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific.). It also lines up with the countdown timer on the main page. But it’s apparent that there are some people who don’t know when cycles reset (or think coins reset and games get added on the coin shop at different times).

I feel that having a timestamp using’s timezone will show how close they are to 9 AM with Daylight Savings Time accounted for.

This is just adding superfluous information that requires more effort to get as opposed to the actual countdown on the main site. Going to your log after clicking the coin and then counting the hours left until 9am pacific is way more effort than simply looking at the countdown present RIGHT under the coin you just clicked. At the cost of making the logs weird to everyone not expecting them to be PST, you’re just adding elements of confusion.

This is by far a better suggestion, this adds more information.

No they do not, especially not the kind of people who’d post complaints expecting others to solve their problems. These people would also not delve into the logs to figure out where they might have made a mistake, no matter what format it’s in.

Clearly all necessary information is available to everyone, as you have pointed out. Weather people avail themselves to it or not is up to them. I remain unable to see a reason for your proposed change or even how it would in any way improve anything.


How about Spain which is stuck in a temporal anomaly since 1942?

A time-stamp would be cool, but I do believe that the complaints will be coming regardless.

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There will always be complaints.


Hmm… Fair enough. Thanks Fraggles for the constructive feedback.

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Really appreciate the feedback from everyone :slight_smile: We totally agree that keeping track of the streak can be a little confusing, especially across time zones. We’ve got a few ideas and fixes to help make keeping track of your streak a little easier that we’ll be implementing soon™.


Thanks @frst !