Traditional Roguelike Games

It’s hard to believe (or maybe not), but there are quite a few good traditional roguelike games out there for people to enjoy.

I understand that the genre isn’t for everyone but I also know there are plenty of people who really enjoy them.

Rogue (the original) just released onto Steam not that long ago:

*Thanks to @GrimtheGilded, there’s a free browser version that can be played here:

There are some others out there that are also good, such as:

ADOM is free on their website, with some limitations in customization, you can experience the game from there. Cheers to @anon74641759 for noting this below.

Click on arrow to see differences

ToME is actually free on their website as well, you can play the base game complete unrestricted just by registering and downloading it from the website, which is really nice.

This is a newer one that has some punishing gameplay:

I just came across another one that’s free (on Itch, not on Steam) or whatever you want to put in to support the game here:

I played this game for a few different runs and it’s fast-paced and really fun. There’s no inventory management, you basically choose to keep what you have or equip the new stuff that you find, while scrapping what you don’t use for money that you can use to upgrade your current equipment. It’s a simple system and there’s no potion-hoarding or spending forever deciding how to kill that sewer rat with what supplies/equipment you have stashed away. This makes for quicker runs. The game also has support for controller that’s fully remappable. The artwork looks great and the mechanics work well. Unfortunately there’s not current plans to bring the game to Steam, but hopefully in the future.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this latest find and also to open up a discussion if people want to say anything about traditional roguelikes or their spin-offs in the forms of roguelites and other various types of games that have some elements from the traditional Rogue and style.


If anyone is interested in trying Rogue, the freeware version can be played in browser here. The Steam version is from the 1985 version packaged and sold by Epyx. more or less the same game.

Rogue : Artificial Intelligence Design : Free Borrow & Streaming : Internet Archive


Thanks! I added it up top. :slight_smile:

By the way, I have been playing Labyrinth of Legendary Loot since I originally made my post, it’s so good, and so much fun! Addicting as heck and easy to play. There’s strategy involved, but less thinking. There’s no inventory management, you either have what you use or scrap to make room for another item. So there’s no potion hoarding or trying to decide forever what to do. It’s great!


Idk if these would fit as roguelikes but they look entertaining, I was going to put caves of qud since I have it on my WL too but @YQMaoski put it first.

Despite having not too many good reviews I still wanna play this one


That looks pretty good, the reviews are okay, not too bad.



I noticed that 68% of the reviews are positives, now thinking is a good percentage of reviews, I said that cuz when steam shows “varied” I assume the game is not too good, a total mistake I see

Also don’t forget the free DLC

One of the games at least partially responsible for the reinvigoration of the proper roguelikes in a modern age.

Which eventually lead to the release of
A really good classic roguelike with a few inspirations from the modern side where you can have some permanent impacts to the world which will benefit later characters. It has an excellent soundtrack.
…is also there.


These are great suggestions to add to my wishlist. Thank you, folks.

Speaking of which, does the one game below counts as “traditional” ?


Thanks! This thread is exactly what I’ve been looking for


I very much enjoy this thread, apologies if this was already linked!


Gonner is not a traditional roguelike though, but a roguelite/action roguelike. The traditional ones are turn-based RPGs with permadeath and no meta-progression


basically masochist games :laughing:

4 Likes has some rogue games on sale…


Pretty sure that ADOM is also free on the dev’s page @YQMaoski


basically all games when we were kids, amirite?


Yes, indeed, Dredmor is definitely a good mentions. :slight_smile:

@DontBeSilly, you don’t need to delete what you have written. :slight_smile: I did mention up above that I am open to also discuss various spin-offs and such.

LOL! They certainly can be very punishing.

Not at all, glad to see you mention it!


There are some differences, according to their website

But you can certainly get a good feel for the game through it. So thanks for the mention. :slight_smile:

Pretty much, when dying and repeating was an every day event for hours on end.


It has the Steam tag. But it also has a death card system that I am trying to read up a little about, but it seems to allow you to run the game with some previous-game items or run the same seed dungeon. Nevertheless, it’s close, even if it’s not truly it.

It seems to have a very odd isometric orientation, these always confuse me to no end. I understand that some people prefer the aesthetics of an isometric perspective to get more visual details but if I am pressing up, down, left, and right, and the character moves in diagonals, I am bound to make some really stupid mistakes just because of mishandling the mental direction with the keys.


Thanks for the informative post, @YQMaoski :+1:

I’ve bought this game during the last Steam Sale, and it seems interesting to me since I enjoy collecting loot and special weapons and armor, becoming stronger along the way, which are some of the reasons why I like from roguelike/roguelite RPGs.


Had someone told me twenty years ago that they’ll be charging for ADOM, I would have probably rolled my eyes with "sure, and they’ll be giving away Quake for free…"
Yet, they are, and they are.

If anyone considers playing it, the proper game is free and it will last you forever, as ADOM is the end-all and be-all of roguelikes. The Steam version adds things you do not want if you’re looking for the true experience.

As for the modern take on the genre, I can recommend Pixel Dungeon.


It’s free on Google Play (truly free, no adds, no nothing, there’s only a donation option in the main menu). Paid Steam and App Store versions are available as well.

Everything in this game is streamlined to eliminate redundancy and you’ll find yourself barely alive throughout - for that almost survival horror-like experience.
It’s a perfect jump-in jump-out roguelike that you can take on your trip to the throne room (to later realize that you’ve been taking a shit for the past two hours).

Since the author has released its source code years ago, several alternate/expanded versions has spawned. I haven’t played those, but I can see they have their own following as well.


D*mm this one, I can consider it as the first rogue-like I’ve played


Aight if you guys accept mobile games:

You can unlock most things for free, there are no ads and tbh I wouldn’t mind spending 5 bucks on it. I much prefer it over Pixel Dungeon which always felt ridiculously unfair and silly to me. Though I know that some ppl like being in pain sooo choose your poison haha