Trading - PS4 Fortnite Neo Versa DLC

Hey guys, really don’t know where else to post this uhmm…

I got myself a PS4 Neo Versa Bundle and I don’t play Fortnite aaand the code expires at the end of this year…
so if anyone could make use of it…I’ll happily take anything for it? Probably gon give it away if nobody has anything at all to offer :sweat_smile:

It includes:
Epic Neo Versa Outfit
Epic Neo Phrenzy Back Bling
2000 V-Bucks


Mentioning Fortnite if you are over 15.


Idk if I agree, if it’s just mentioning…also if you are for example 50 and enjoy it uh…you do you? I don’t mind tbh.


why did you get this bundle if you don’t even want the code? is it not just the ps4+this DLC?
do you know if it can be used on PC? if it can be then i would be interested, what do expect in return?


I bought it because it was the cheapest option at that point.

It’s reedemable via the PSN so not on PC, BUT if Fortnite is crossplay, I imagine it’s possible to connect your PC account to the PSN and redeem it then?

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fortnite code has a negative value? :smiley:
it seems to me that the codes rewards can not really be taken advantage of on pc so not for me thankyou

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anyone? It’ll be void tomorrow :frowning:

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