Trading games

We don’t have this yet, do we? Just post games you’d like to trade for or you are looking to trade away aaaand that’s it :sweat_smile: Maybe we should start putting wishlists on our profiles? :3


I don’t know if you’re a steam user but if you’re u could always add some of us for potential trades.


Ofc I’m using Steam, but I doubt anybody would go through a friendlist of 50+ people just find somebody to trade one specific game…? At least I know I wouldn’t :grimacing:


Well i just thought i would mention it as an option because u said wishlists. I used steam wishlists to give away my spare key of king arthur’s gold.even tho it wasn’t a trade but i thought it might help.I’ll even post a link to the post showing i gave said key.


I believe you, no need for proof for a simple trade :slight_smile: I just thought it’d be nice if ppl would share here and stuff, but I guess that idea isn’t so popular, it was worth a try :sweat_smile:


(Removed because I don’t know how to trade games on Steam, apparently)

Also, this face: :cold_sweat:

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What do you mean? You only can’t trade redeemed games, but gifts and codes work just fine ^^