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Trading for Sonic Adventures 2 (CLOSED)



I have seen people in this and other forums giving away Sonic Adventure 2 Keys and i would like to trade one (If someone has one) with a 6€ or lower game from the steam shop :D. There are some good games on sale rn like, Re4 and 5, Revelations or Terraria. Tell me if someone is interested.


Oh, how I would love to do that trade with you, because I’d be making a huge profit. Sonic Adventure 2 was bundled and isn’t really worth the 6,- Euros of funds you’d be using. Especially since it costs 7,99 € regularly. At that point you can just buy that yourself.


Yeah, well i also missed the winter sale and i heared it was around 1.99 Euros xD. And my Steam budget is also 6Euros rn cuz i sold some items.


Well, hold on to your money. I found someone in Group Buys that sells it for 17 cents. Just have to wait for the guy to come online.


Oh 17 cents sounds amazing xD, Thank you for the help. Will u tell him to reply here? I’ve never seen such a helpful community as here in I really appreciate the help <3


It is my treat. I’ll pm you the key as soon as I have it. If I get it.

Well, it’s either I take advantage of you or noone does. :speak_no_evil:


Thank you soo soo much, but what do u want in return for it?




Thank You, i mean it <3


I don’t have the key yet, but no worries either way.


Nah dw imma be online today so u can text me it whenever u have it. :smiley:


He may pretend to be a DownwardConcept but he’s really not!


What a phenomenal way to start off the New Year, congratulations, ya make me proud! :clap::clap::clap:


This isnt the first time this community helped me with stuff and u just gotta appreciate the people here. They could’ve easily tricked me but they decided to be honest and i’ve never seen such a nontoxinated community in any trading site. <3