Trading for a couple of Earthfall keys

Two options for you, if you’ve Earthfall to spare: Coin Shop or Steam.

I’ve got the coins to afford any title currently in the Coin Shop. Can’t get an Insurgency key or a Golf It! key, as I’ve already used my one buy for those titles, but anything else in the shop (or any combination of things, within a reasonable distance of the 7500-coin price tag on Earthfall) is yours as long as you can nab me an Earthfall key.

I also have a handful of extra Steam keys for the following games:

  • Abyss Odyssey
  • Air Brawl
  • Dust: An Elysian Tale
  • Forge Quest
  • Murder Miners

Will trade any of these for an Earthfall key (possibly more than one key for Earthfall; depends on your offer).

Looking for one additional Earthfall key (got one willing trader already). PM me if you’re interested!