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Trading Coin Shop Games (for non Coin Shop Games)


If anyone has an extra copy of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II from the new deal they don’t mind trading/looking to get rid of, I’d be interested in making a deal for it. I can get a coin shop game or I have the two above from HB up for trade for it.

If you are interested, just drop a message here and PM, or one or the other. Include what you’re interested in return of course. :relaxed:


Bumpity, as a reminder that the HB games are expiring very soon. Who knows, maybe someone’s interested in them still. Also, can offer the new coin shop games if that’s what ya prefer of course. Just put yer offers up if ya interested. :slight_smile:


Probably the last bump for the HB games before expiration. They have 4 days left.



I have an extra key to Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (already own it due to a trade here), so I’m throwing it in here for trade. It is non-Steam though, so you’d need to create a Square Enix account and use the launcher to play the game.

If anyone is interested in it, just lemme know. :slight_smile:

(Trade available for Feb 4 – May 3)



Putting current new coin shop games up for trade (have 31k coins) with the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (non-Steam) while they last if anyone is interested in them (I already own one of them so)! Again, feel free to post here with trade ideas or PM me. :blush:


what new coin shop games? everybody knows there’s never any new coin shop games here…


Adding another game to the trade list. Crusader Kings II + The Old Gods DLC as I bought the $12 tier Paradox bundle from HB. :blush: