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Trading a fair game for a The Walking Dead S2 steam key.


Im interested in trading a fair game for a TWD S2 steam key.
Telltale shut down and they removed almost all their games so its hard to find a Twd s2 steam key.
We can work it out on a game that youre interested.
reply if youre interested!

#2 you will have more luck there i assume :slight_smile:




Yah it is kind of a pain to get them now that telltale is gone. Luckily keys are not insanely hard to find but I wish you the best


If’n you want anything from the coin shop, I’d trade it, but you’ve made a pretty open-ended request.


Also, if it is de-listed, can he get above ‘store value’ for it? I know that’s a thing for some games.