Trade... I, Hope ( Deal is sealed )

Dear readers, i am willing to buy i, hope from the coin shop, unfortunatly, i have 2500 coin at the moment, which means i might not be able to catch up the offer. My deal is: someone willing to trade i hope in exchange of a 7500 coin game as soon as i get the coin? U choose it and i ll buy it for you as soon i get the coins. Anyone will trust me?


What are you trading those “7500 coins” for?

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@anon63424221: “I, Hope” is the name of one of the games in the coin shop, and it’s what they’re trading for.


Hahaha oh gawd, I thought he hopes cause he needs ppl to trust he’ll do his part of the deal :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:
Thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:


I can buy it.

Does anyone else need I, hope?

Then… consider that you have 7500 within 2 weeks