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touching review



Just got this lovely review on Nepenthe, and found it very touching

To other game devs here: have you ever gotten a review, or a comment on your game that just made you feel all warm and happy inside? It’s so rewarding to see your work make an impact like that…


AWWWWW, That is so nice. :hugs::star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Speaking of your game (not to self promote) but im going to be streaming Nepenthe soon today at if you have not got the game but want to see what its like join me :wink:


ooh, I’ll pop in if I can :grinning:


Yah it will be in around an hour or so


Well I’m not a dev, but I had it the other way around few times for my few reviews… I felt pretty great when devs thanked me and continued the communication even further and were even happier when I could test changes they made after contacting me for specific things… This thing goes both ways of course.


for sure! I always try to reach out and thank devs when their game impacts me—it almost always is really positive for both sides


Here’s @KingJamezJr’s review and video::+1:t3:

I did watch a bit of it but I quit because I haven’t played it yet. Great voice and nice video(what I saw) :heavy_heart_exclamation: