Totalbiscuit affiliate link

now that Totalbiscuit is sadly deceased, I would like to ask what happens to the money that would go towards him on the affiliate link I would also like to kindly suggest that you either pass the money on to his wife, or donate the money if that doesn’t seem possible.
I’d love to hear your feedback on this.


We’ll be announcing an update on this soon.


I’m still using his link, bought Killing Floor 2 with it just yesterday.


I assume the link is not necessarily associated with him but his persona, I don’t see a problem with the CinycalBrit brand getting whatever earnings it keeps generating.

However, I do believe is necessary to clarify the situation, not only to let people know how things are going but also as a just in case, because people these days :weary:

Take your time none the less, a well-thought answer is always better than a rushed one.


It’s not that complicated really, the cynical brit is a company that Genna owns and runs, the affiliation is between and the cynical brit not John Bain as an individual. The cynical brit is likely not in a position to fulfil their side of the contract anymore and it’ll be up to how long they want the affiliation to remain active.

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as far as i know they actually do not have any obligations at all, they could promote daily deals whenever they wanted to and only if they wanted to and as long as someone uses their link then that is that, and someone using their link is in-and-of-itself the actual fulfillment of their side of the contract; ofc my knowledge is very limited but that is how i understood this to be from the vids of partners themselves, and ofc it could also be that this deal must be renewed every year or whatever, but as u said nothing would stand in the way of that either then

I used it Dying Light and with any purchase I made in this site. I not only find this very website from him but valued his work highly. I would recommend -from my humble position- to keep the revenue to his wife, charity organization or whatever he chosed since, even if it sounds dumb, people could easily find this website by watching old videos of him, wich would be publicity at the end of the day, even if he passed away.


Thank you for your handling of the situation, team.
I think you found an absolutely adequate solution.


Still more to come.


Just deleted my Chrono bookmark so I can use the affiliate link for TB. I wouldn’t be here without him, so it’s only right… even if I’m way late.


Understandably, this would also depend on whether or not there is anybody who can advertise the daily deals to Totalbiscuit’s audience. I can only think of two people for that so far, and that would be Genna and/or Chris. They would need to have a similar reach as Totalbiscuit (meaning the audience count should be reasonably consistent as before) so the advertising would have a decent effect for, and they would probably have to play the game to know what to say about it.

If the affiliate link simply continues to work without anything in return for, that would admittedly be odd and unexpected business-wise. All the more reason for us to wait and see what Chrono Inc. announces regarding it.

(Speaking of Chris, I wonder how Totalbiscuit convinced him to break all explicit instructions and allow Totalbiscuit to tweet again? I thought Totalbiscuit was happy to quit social media, and then suddenly out of nowhere, the tweets were his again, starting with using Twitch to post on Twitter, followed by actual Twitter.)

UPDATE: I think we already have an answer. Apparently Genna has an affiliate link, so we might as well use that instead of TB.