Toggle option to close the streak view

I’d like it if in the Coins page there was an option to toggle close the little area that shows your streak stats.

The reason I’d like this is so I don’t have to be reminded of my all time streak every time I check the page to make sure my coin click was recorded. My longest streak was 86 days and it was beyond disappointing seeing it end.

I got it back up to 75 a few days ago… now I’m at 2. I’ve seen the threads and have read timing can be a possible issue so I’m not going to worry about it happening. Seeing my all time streak feels defeating, though. So I’d rather not see it.

I think it would be nice if it showed the hours since clicking for the last 3 days instead of 2, also.

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If they don’t, you maybe able to use which ever ad blocking program you have to block the element so the image doesn’t display. On another forum I use to go on, people would often use really annoying gif avatars trying to induce a seizure and I would block them all the time.

Might be worth a try and you can always get it back later if you want.

You can look at my streak instead!

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