Today's the Last Day...

Tomorrow is the final day that will have a * New! * marking on the Coins tab on the home page. I’d like to say a prayer…

I’m only assuming tomorrow is the last day because I’ve started from day one. This being my 30th day, and lonin commenting on how the “new” marking would be gone within a month, I think it’s safe to assume the worst.

Chrono coins will no longer be new.



At least they’ll still exist

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GOOD RIDDANCE I say, out with the new and in with old!

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Farewell “New” tag… We hardly knew ye.

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Someone, make a browser extension to add it back!

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Don’t worry; I’m sure the “NEW” will make brief reappearances each time more games are added to the shop. (at least, that’s what the “NEW” should be used for)