Today a game vanished from my steam library

Due to a pinch of paranoia I have for a long time now been keeping count of my steam library outside of steam, partly because with the amount of games I have I’d never notice if something was removed if I didn’t. I have thought before that things seems to have vanished but had no way to prove it.

This time however I do. Yesterday my library count was 910, today it’s 909. Now there can be legitimate reasons for that, some games have beta versions sitting alongside the main branch in your list that could have been removed as development halts. A beta you tried out released the full game or a previously separate expansion got baked into it’s main game or something. But how do you know? Because steam certainly doesn’t tell you anything.

After some research I think I’ve found the game and the reason. It is most likely a game called Heavy Dreams which was given away for a week on launch but was otherwise not free. It looks like it’s been made free again, permanently this time and for some reason even though the game is still registered to your account some F2P games wont stick to your library unless they’re installed.

Even though I’m unlikely to ever actually play this particular game the way steam just wont tell you anything when things on your account changes is infuriating.

Thought I’d just make this thread to mention it in case anyone else noticed a discrepancy in their library this morning and wasn’t sure if you were correct or just imagining things. The game should still be in your licenses and product key activations list if you grabbed it back when it was free the first time around.

Anyone else had games vanish from their libraries, or just thought they did but had no way to really tell?


Fully agree with you there.

I don’t think i’ve noticed any games being removed from my library for which i had a key for. I’ve only noticed that free to play games only show in the library when they’re installed.


If you had a Beholder game, it might as well have been Beholder 2 beta.

I’ve got Family Share switched on constantly, so while my library is somewhere around 400+, the overall game counter said 600. I loved the way it looked… then it became 599 right in front of me and I was like :scream:


I had that when I had 666 games :japanese_ogre:
But then I used wallet and I couldnt even stick to 1000 xD

At OP, I am glad to hear it was just some game that went f2p though. I would have been scary if it was an actually decent game that got removed.

A question, do you add tags/categories to games?


To some extent yes, not everything is sorted though. I’d have to spend an awful lot of time on that, even with the few more automated programs that can help.

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I add categories, though about at least half of the games are not categorized yet. Categories help me pick what to play next sometimes, but I’m not precise about them. For example, there’s one big box for shooters, regardless of the exact genre, and one big box of economic simulations that just happens to also contain economic strategies; no special box for point-and-clicks though I own many, and so on.

Also, I mostly do not attach more than 3-4 categories to a game. Bioshocks keep showing up with a horror tag in the shop, but for me they’re all just action + adventure + shooter.

And I never add tags. Do you?

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Favourites and the rest. SImple, chaotic and not very useful, just like good old me.

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You kinda have to at some point. Otherwise it becomes mess to find games back.

But why I asked, free to play games might still show up if you tagged them (rather than nothing or favorite)

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You can look here to see if you recognize any of these titles… they are removed from your Steam account numbers once they are taken off the store. Though you would still have it in your library.

It’s not a revoked key, because Steam sends you a message telling you that a key has been revoked.