To wait or not to wait?

So I just finished my legendary streak (yay), and I’m now at 5000+ coins. I’m not really interested in Brigador, so the question is; do I wait for new games to be added, or do I get a copy of Slayaway camp and Dropsy while they’re still in stock? I don’t feel these games calling my name either, so what to do?

Well for you to be able to answer your own debacle, you need to answer this:

“Do you care about Slayaway or Dropsy to buy them?”

This is the most crucial question imho.

EDIT: If you want, you can read the thread about the current Coin Games and everyone else’s opinions on them on the off chance that you’re really having a hard time answering my question above :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure if this is even allowed, but I’ll give it a shot since I really, really want Brigador. Basically, I have no chance of getting it, because I have a little above 4000 coins and I’ll get enough on Friday at the earliest (hitting a 14-day steak). Even then, it’s very likely I’ll be a few coins short of 5000.

So, if you decide that you want to get Slayaway Camp and Dropsy, I’m offering a trade: to get you one of the games now and the other on Friday when I’ll have enough coins for it and in return you’ll get Bridagor for me now, while there are still a few keys left. We’ll do the exchange on Friday or whenever it’s convenient for you, of course.

Once again, if this isn’t allowed or acceptable, I apologize.

So, I decided to wait until Brigador has sold out, and hope they add something similar after that.

@hinrad This is the internet, and the risk of being scammed is sadly just too high. (and there isn’t really anything for me to gain, only to lose).

It’s understandable. I only offered, because I just want Brigador that much. I guess I’ll also wait and hope they bring it back in the future. :slight_smile: