To the Moon… now 99 cents (US) for the next five days.

I m not a big fan of Indie Gala much anymore but sometimes they have some decent sales so I still get their emails. This is the cheapest I have seen this. Has very positive ratings and it’s available on all platforms. I already have this and @coralinecastell recommends it.


i hate these types games, like, the heavy low res pixel graphics alone is enough to seriously put me off, not to mention 2d interactive “rpgmaker novel” adventure
and i completely loved To The Moon
it’s such a wonderful sweet little story and fantasy, with an utterly amazing piano track
gameplay is about as simple and lacking as could be before turning into a 2d walking sim/Dear Esther, but it’s the fn journey through the story that just grabs you and tugs at the heartstrings
highly, highly recommend, even if it’s just for a wee couple of hours


While this is technically correct in plain English, I think it’s worth pointing out that the Steam ratings are currently Overwhelmingly Positive! I only point it out because this fact alone is enough to recommend pretty much any game that even remotely appeals. It speaks to a good game with few issues that holds true to its presentation.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this incredible deal, this was too good for me to pass up!


To the Moon… now 99 cents (US) for the next five days.

Price point changed less than 24 hrs after @delenn13’s post. I updated the title to reflect the change.


Sorry, not sorry…


Thanks, Geeky…Again :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: