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To Mutant Year Zero, or not to Mutant Year Zero, that is the question.


Due to my short stint as a tabletop game designer I have always had this almost overwhelming urge to support video games that bridge the gap between the two; i.e. Battletech, D&D, Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc. I usually buy said games same day or at the very least when they are cheaper and/or bundled. Sometimes I have gotten burnt in the past though, but at the moment the reviews seem mostly positive-ish. Between games journalist, Steam, Twitch, and Youtube (sorry Mixer) it is beginning to look like it will be a safe buy. Pathfinder:Kingmaker was supposed to be a “safe” buy too, LULZ. So I put the task to you, my fellow Chronies. If you played Mutant Year Zero, please give it a lil’ review. Your thoughts and opinions on this game would be much appreciated.


Haven’t bought it yet, but probably will one day, rly excited for this game, just a bit disappointed it’s only 15-20h long.


YES!!! My sentiment exactly! Probably my number one concern going forward with this game. On top of that, after perusing the “Official” game forum, the developer/publishers of the title have been extremely cautious and noncommittal on any statements made regarding the subject of DLC. I do hope that this isn’t just a one and done effort on their part.


This looked pretty good, even added it to my wishlist for a second, then noticed it’s another denuvo infected game. What a shame.


I stuck around for the publisher’s streams of the game for quite a bit, got to hear their discussion and see some gameplay. Honestly, I loved xcom and the combat is very similar to that, so naturally I’d like this too. However it’s really the world / map they built along with a nice story and interesting, unusual characters that makes this more unique. The mix of real-time exploration and the stealth mechanics in order to strategically plan your combat before it begins is a cool idea, I think - and then it seamlessly transitions to turn-based combat.

My one major problem is - I don’t know how “amazing” this world and story truly are, to be worth the playtime, because, they sacrificed replay-ability for those elements. If you were to rerun through the game, everything stays the exact same. Things like dialogue and characters being the same should be no surprised - but there was no attempt to randomize item drops or perhaps the mobs / enemies. Supposedly most encounters are tied to the story in some way but perhaps a few random combats that might change the way you run through the game a second time would be cool…I don’t know. If the price tag were a little lower I’d probably have purchased it but at the moment I’ll be opting out. Still looks like it was well done and I do genuinely like the characters and the environments.


Oh, sweet baby Jesus… the temptation… 20% off… must not give in…