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Tiny Build Bundle (Humble)


Tier 1:

BTA Tier 2:

Tier 3:

A lot of rebundled games, but some good games in there too… I might have too many to consider this bundle worthwhile for me.


I think i might get the first tier as i don’t own 3 from that. :slight_smile:


Tier 1 is amazing for everyone that doesn’t have those games… Unfortunately I want only 2 things from tier 2, so I can’t justify it for myself :slight_smile:.

That’s pretty good bundle compared to the last ones they’ve did.


Which games from tier 2?

(I mean, I can guess Streets of Rogue is one of them, which is the other?)


Looks decent,some wishlisted stuff. Might investigate further :smiley:


I nearly have them. Will pass on this one.

I’m passing on a lot of bundles nowadays. Not a lot of new games appearing; lots of regurgitation


It’s tiny build, they do publish some quality games.

But agreed, a lot of rebundled games, etc. These will get rebundled in the future, for sure.

I am buying fewer bundles these days as well.


I only want the final station from the first tier. If anyone has it to spare, if not I might have the others to give away to someone.


i’ll just toss in; i think people should at least get tier 1 for speedrunners if they don’t have it,
that can be some might entertaining “competitive” mp fun for a dollar :blush:


I loved both party hard games and graveyard keeper <3 but I own them already. Not sure if I should buy the bundle for “hello neighbor” and “streets of rogue”.


Im going to get tier 1 for speed runners


I have a spare key for The Final Station, if you are still looking for one. Hit me up and I’ll send it to you!


It is very kind of you to offer. I have already been furnished with one by another generous soul, thank you very much none the less.


If you don’t have streets of rouge do your self a favor a get it! Best game ever.


I’m pretty sure i’ll get it 1 day, but given that it’s the only game i’m interested in here, i’ll pass atm