Tile Rider Free @ Microsoft Store-

Not a fan or Windows 10 or Microsoft but it’s a deal…
Windows 10 devices only. 3 days left.

"A high-speed adventure game with puzzle, racing and battle elements.

Have you ever wondered what life inside your phone is like?
Did you know that it’s quite puzzling and requires you to BE SMART?
You also have to BE STRONG there and hold your gun tight!
And finally, you’d better BE FAST"

Edit:Fixed link. Thanks, @Gnuffi. I don’t have the “infestation” either. It actually looks like a phone game but for PC. USUALLY, Not a great idea.


Page doesn’t exist… :thinking: Is it already over?

unsure, didn’t work for me either
searching the store manually i got this instead
but ofc it doesn’t work for me because MS detects i haven’t submitted to their win10 infestation yet :ghost:

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