THUG PRO: Custom Soundtracks

I dunno if anyone here plays THUG PRO, or if ya do, are aware of the custom soundtracks feature, but I’ve been working on a massive multi-soundtrack library, consisting entirely of the songs from the first five Guitar Hero games (GH/GHII/GHENCORE/GHIII/GHA), and the first sets I did were all the WaveGroup covers, all of them. I’ve got all those done now, except for one whose song.ogg stem needs to be run through Spleeter to get rid of the cymbal-tempo portion at the beginning (Black Sunshine).

I still have a few more covers to do, namely the covers/tributes by Stephen (Steve) Ouimette, and then I’ll tackle the non-covers. Overall, it’s over 300 songs, and of those I’ve done, the 100+ .bik files are a whopping 1GB in size. Imagine the entire library all done, #LMAO

I recall taking the final encore for GHII, you know, Free Bird, and downmixing to .wav (RADTOOLS works best with .wav when ‘BINK-ing IT!’), and the resulting .wav file was over 150MB in size. Sweet Mercy, lolz

“Are ya gonna, you know, upload this custom soundtrack library when you’re done?”
Yes, I will be. There’s a hosted list of uploaded soundtracks, can’t provide direct links here though, because, reasons.

Aside from game dev, that’s what I’ve been doing, and playing THUG PRO to test out the soundtrack, as well as the limits of any given soundtrack (it’s 80-ouch).