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Three obscure titles i think need attention before they release. And Lucas Popes new game, Return of the Obra Dinn.



I’d make a new thread. We have too many huge, collective threads where it’s too easy to lose track of what’s being talked about.


Well here’s another one I think needs some attention:

Rollcage was one of my favourite arcady racing games back in the day. It’s primary selling point being that the cars were made so they could drive on whichever side they landed on and levels made with tubular tunnels so you could drive on both walls and ceilings. It was a great deal of fun.

Clearly someone else thought so and they’ve decided to go and make a “spiritual successor” to it which went gold today(?) leaving early access in November.



Italy also has a strong comic and books market. I still remember the first time I’ve opened a manga, it felt weird :slight_smile:
Lucca Comics is a pretty great event, because it takes place all over the old city. Here’s the official site of Lucca Comics and Games.


This game looks like it stole all assets from Stardew Valley. Like not even kidding. Looks good, though!


Lethal League Blaze has just been released.

It’s more Lethal league, if you needed that in your life. I can’t really sell it any better. It’s the most natural form of doing a sequal. Building upon what rock solid gameplay you already had. More characters, more modes, fine tuning the art style, and all that cha bang.


New gameplay video showing off a challenge room and some screenshots from Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 remaster. :boar:

To this day, i’m still flabbergasted by how the game had all these enemies that reference classic video game characters, and still gets to keep all of them. You get to see the Mario Sunshine enemy later in this video.(Watergun and all) Don’t know how actual trademark laws work, but it doesn’t seem very inexpensive to reapply for.


:loudspeaker: CrossCode released version 1.0.2 today.

With new additions like:

Actual achievements! (you might have noticed me earlier today getting bombarded by ‘some’.)
Nice trading cards.
A few new NPCs.

:loudspeaker: Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 remaster is out in two days on PS4, Xbone, Switch and PC!

There’s now an official launch trailer

They apparently also made a Steam page back in mid October. If you’re curious about what team is making it, OSome Studio, who’s currently only released White Night. :thinking:


Fixed it, tnx for the notice Harith :+1:


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