Three obscure titles i think need attention before they release. And Lucas Popes new game, Return of the Obra Dinn.

Firstly, Crosscode.
One Indiegogo campaign and three years of Early Access later. A small team based in germany is finally to release their first game on PC the 20th of September. Prior this year they mentioned it getting a PS4 release but hasn’t so far revealed a specific date.

A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. CrossCode combines 16-bit SNES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics, served with a gripping sci-fi story.

I’d say it’s kinda 2D Zelda esque gameplay while being in a typical Isekai world like Sword Art Online.

Secondly, Lethal League Blaze.
The sequel to Lethal League.(duhh)
Due out on PC the 24 of October, with PS4, Switch and Xbone releases coming spring next year.

Lethal League Blaze is an intense, high speed ball game, with unique characters, outta sight sounds and none of that weak shit. In Shine City, the anti-gravity ball game has long been illegal. The group who kept playing was dubbed the Lethal League. Even now, with their sport pushed underground, players and crews compete in the League for challenge and respect.

Guess what. It’s more Lethal League.
Same stylish artstyle but remade in 3D. Amazing how well the character designs translate to 3D.
Also this trailer makes the game feel even more like an unofficial spinoff to Jet Set Radio. Why? They actually got Hideki Naganuma to compose this track.

Thirdly, Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 remaster.
Arriving on PC, PS4, Xbone and Switch November 29.
This was a greatly appreciated surprise, that i don’t understand. In all my life, i have never heard anybody knowing of this franchise. So this getting a remaster for everything seems so outta nowhere to me. The french publisher Microïds,(also publisher for the original) low key announced it over a tweet. No trailer. No nothing. I guess they also announced two special editions available to preorder and a sequel coming 2019! HYPE! :tada:

Well. I’m sold. :relieved:


gameplay seems to be 2D only though

would love to see some new Asterix and Obelix games; that’s another thing from my childhood i could play with my kids :slight_smile:


I’ve been following crosscode for some time now, been watching a few of their developer streams over the years, it’s always looked very interesting to me. I’m really glad they’re finally getting ready to release. Looking forward to playing this one soon.


Are you serious? Asterix and Obelix are perhaps the first comic book most europeans get to see/read in their life. In France they’re more famous then Mickey Mouse. Also, its probably the only comic book series that is being translated not only into all languages of this planet but also into countless dialects, or even dead languages like Latin.


I’ve been following CrossCode for a while, looks good.

I never liked Lethal League, art style gives games good mileage with me and this one doesn’t appeal too much to me, that and the gameplay is not that much appealing to me either.

Asterix & Obelix where widely known in Mexico too when I was a child, but I never liked the games that manage to get here, a bunch of generic platformers like the ones Disney used to release back in the day, at least the ones I got to see, but by the trailer seems I won’t be that much into it… sorry.


Yeah, gameplay is still 2D. It’s just really nice they went through the trouble of doing 3D. They didn’t need to change dimensions, but hey, Why not go the extra miles?

I’d also love to see a proper new good game. The last game they got was one of those “lets pick some random franchise and make it a city builder on mobile filled with micro-transactions” games. So yeah, would be lovely.


I actually meant the XXL franchise felt unknown in my eyes. Probably should have worded that better. But yeah, Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke and the sort, are all so much more massive over here in Europe. Now when i mention it. Why don’t we have a tintin adventure game like Monkey island, or maybe Professor Layton style puzzle game? That’s free money right there.


If I had to name countries with a healthy comic book market, I unfortunately could only name France, Japan and the US of A. I wish we would respect this art more then now. Marvel does a good job, but when will the french or japanese publishers catch up? Cavepaintings started it, let’s not forget.


Don’t know about France but Japan does have a healthy comic/manga book market, we just don’t get to see it, and I may be wrong, but I could bet that, of all the comics published in the US, only a small selection officially make it overseas.


:loudspeaker: UPDATE :loudspeaker:

CrossCode has officially been released with version 1.0

Excited to return and discover what has happen in the 2 years i’ve been absent from the game.

Edit: I should also mention that it has a free demo on steam and on their website for anybody to try. You don’t even need to download it if you pick the website version. If i recall correctly, it’s 30-40 minutes long.


Minor update :tada:

The Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 remaster has gotten some new screenshots.
Here’s one of four images Microïds uploaded to there Twitter.

Weird how they chose to switch your health from shields to hearts. Anyway, the game looks great. The colors are really popping out, but those light sources coming from the windows seem aggressively bright.
Excitement is still rising. :baby:


A fourth Mysterious game has revealed itself. Lucas Pope creator of Papers Please, finally announced that his new game. Return of the Obra Dinn. Which he’s been concocting for over 4 years. Is to release next week.

You. :point_right: Mr. Nameless Protagonist. Is set to solve the happenings of murders/suicides/etc, there have conspired on the ship, Obra Dinn. With the help of your special pocket watch, you can look into a crew members final living moments.

Did anyone here wait patiently for it? forget it? Or maybe you just completely missed it back when the demo came out. It was very neat.


Ok, this is a day one buy. I didn’t know about this game, thanks! :smiley:


No probs my dude. :kissing_heart: What drew me in first was the incredibly unique art style. The name completely slips me what it reminds me of. :thinking: looks amazing regardless.


It reminds me of Paper Sorcerer in art style, might be the game you’re thinking of?



(sorry for the screaming urge)


It definitely does so in its color palette, but i was more thinking of a tv color mode that reminded me of it. Probably the wrong terminology i’m using.

It’s not audible on my end, so do scream to your heart’s content. :grin:


Quick reminder that Lukas popes next game Return of the Obra Dinn is out today, RIGHT NOW!

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I used to hunt down indie gems like CrossCode, because there are so many great pixel art games out there noone has heard of. Then I found out that it was bundled once, but at the time the bundle has been over a year ago, so I started to look for people that still had a key for trade. After several weeks I finally got what I wanted and for a killer price, too! Now the game is released and I still haven’t played it. Oh, Backlog!


That’s pretty much the sole reason why i made this topic. Also partly because i’ve got a pretty shite memory. I’d rather recommend small and upcoming indie games than keep feeding into the ever growing soul-sucking AAA industry. I’d definitely recommend CrossCode if you want a spin on the real time RPG genre, with plenty of fun puzzles. They hit a nice medium for a guy like me that oftener than not gets completely stuck on puzzles and eventually just looks up the answer. It is a serious time commitment and can become somewhat monotonous with its quests. Clocking in at about 45 hours for me,

I guess minor spoiler

and i haven’t even reached the “good” ending yet.

I’m kinda debating on whether i should keep on adding upcoming games to this topic or make another topic with new select games so they wont be buried in this one and therefore will get more easier recognition.