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This week only: Everything is free on the Epic Games store!




For this week only, Everything is free on the Epic store. How generous of them.


Why didn’t i think of that? I could have been an asshole and change up the topic name and get more click on it. :man_facepalming:
i still could

Also Minit is next up on the list:


Do it!, a lot of people won’t be here until the next deal in an hour :smiley:


I’ll change it if if you don’t care @NICK9X9, it’s a pretty hilarious idea.


Yes! Change it! ^^


It is done. Best part is it isn’t even clickbait!


Thanks for changing it, i was busy with something else! :slight_smile:


Lmao Valve themselves made this joke on Twitter the last time Everything went 80% off. I love it, genius PR move on all accounts hahahaha


Well played everyone… Well played.


Already got everything on steam from a humble bundle a while back
It was such a weird game i never understooood


I actually really dislike this game and almost wrote a negative review for it – didnt because it pissed me off too much.

It’s got to me the most philosophy try-hard game I’ve ever played. Empty and a waste of time, IMHO.


That incredibly misleading title is hilarious. Well deserved like.