This War of Mine - Free to play (for 5 days) on Steam

Celebrating the April 24th debut of Frostpunk, we are launching This War of Mine for free on Steam from now until Sunday, April 8th, 2018!

For us, the team at 11 bit studios, Frostpunk is the biggest and most ambitious project to date and with just 3 weeks left to the release, we’re in the mood for giving! Our gift to you, the commmunity of gamers, is our most important creation so far, the solemn survival game, This War of Mine - an emotional narrative highlighting the struggle of surviving war and the heavy burden of getting by in a war torn region from the eyes of the civilians it impacts.

You may be interested to know that recently This War of Mine hit a milestone of 2.5 million copies sold on Steam and along with receiving many awards (including the SXSW Cultural Innovation Award and IGF Audience Award) this accomplishment has reaffirmed ours philosophy on creating mature, thought-provoking games. Additionally, we continue to support gaming’s community mission of raising funds for the War Child children’s charity by the sale of DLC content dedicated to that sole purpose.

Let’s sum it up: a special extended version of the game - This War of Mine Anniversary Edition - is free on Steam until Sunday April 8th, 2018 to celebrate the upcoming debut of Frostpunk and to prepare the gaming community for the next emotionally heavy experience from 11 bit studios.

The Anniversary Edition is 70% off and The Little Ones DLC is at 50% discount.


y so free to play for 5 days, not free to own (changed title to make that clear bud)


Looks like 10 hours to beat it…


Think I can go without playing this (don’t need the depression)


This game is perfect for a free weekend. It’s something I think everyone should give a whirl, but being stingy also not something I could ever really recommend anyone to buy.

Take this opportunity to put a couple of hours into it.


Oh no, definitely consider checking it out either for the free weekend or to own because it’s not too depressing. The concept is horrible of course, war causing people to hide and fear for their lives and scavenge to make ends meet. BUT the gameplay is well thought out from the little time I have played in the past. There seem to be different setups to make the game easier/harder but when I played difficulty felt perfect. Plenty of strategy involved and making certain characters starve for a day or two while feeding others, and cycle, rinse, repeat with sleeping. You have to manage those basic necessities while somehow upgrading your stuff, buying/scavenging food and scrap, some characters get depressed without rare coffee or expensive cigarettes daily. It plays so well and was so fun in a strategic way. You think 5 steps ahead because you know if you don’t step 6 will wipe out your team. EVERYONE GIVE IT A CHANCE. The depressing aspects shouldn’t overshadow such a well constructed game and enjoyable experience.

Edit: because I can’t spell


imo it’s a “wonderful” game, and well worth to play these free days, and even for purchase too, :+1:
(the recent dlc was great and upsetting the right kind of way)
this war of mine does a half decent “reality check” type play style mechanic (tho everything can ofc be “optimized” as most games -but playing off "stat"guides is not as fun as trying for yourself)

tho howlongtobeat says it can be done in 10 hours, i’ve played several times that, and still don’t feel done with the game :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:


Played through with Family Sharing. Watched brother play multiple times. Watched other brother play. Watched friend play. Played again. Bought yet another copy from Chrono for new episodes. Looking forward to Frostpunk.


I got this from some HB bundle for android and it played awfully boring, probably during the small screen tho…Guess I’ll pass anyway

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