This War of Mine (80% off) + GOG summer sale ending soon

Thought I would put a little reminder out there, not only is GOG summer sale ending soon (thursday i believe)
This War of Mine just happens to be 80% off on both GOG and Steam right now (so you can get it on whichever platform you like)
and i simply cannot recommend this cute bleak little game enough!, go buy it and “enjoy” the turmoil of being a victim of war
(and as always a little Totalbiscuit to show you some)

steam version also comes with soundtrack automatically, maybe a bit sneaky of GOG to highlight it that way, tho drm free


(and sorry @lonin for any violation/competition in case you guys were putting this game up on store too, feel free to remove this if this is an issue)


I just got This War of Mine + Mystery Game for 2,55€ on Green Man Gaming.

Use voucher SUMMER2017

I don’t know why but it was priced at 2,89€ and in the cart it was £2,28, which is 2,55€. You can hardly find a lower price even on grey market!

PS I got Gunslugs as mystery game.