They're coming! (Tencent fearmongering topic 😂)

though i laugh about it, it is rly worrisome


Oh great…they have Digital Extreme now. Epic wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t selling information to Chinese businesses and whatnot.

also great topic name :rofl:


wait, i thought MS owned that? :thinking:
ooohh my bad, i thought they scooped up “everything” as in gears ip included :sweat_smile:
and i thought Warframe devs was acquired by tencent long ago too @_@
oh well, surely nothing bad can come of this, it’s just video games companies after all :no_mouth:


Well makes sense that they would grab Warframe with how popular it is. I’m more shocked it took them so long to do it. Tencent owns 80% of Path of Exile with the other 20% to be sold off in 5 years from the original acquisition date.


makes you wonder why Tencent don’t just “buy everything” and get it over with :joy:


Well fuck that’s really bad news, I love Klei.

“As part of this agreement, Klei retains full autonomy of creative and operations across all aspects of the studio, including projects, talent, and more.”

Yeah that’s what everyone says every time but we all know that’s absolutely meaningless and no matter what your deal was once someone else has majority control they can alter the deal. Blizzard is going to be entirely autonomous and make all their own decisions, no need for anyone to worry about Activision’s acquisition. Now long dead studio is going to be entirely free to operate as they see fit after their EA purchase and everything will be just great!

I have also first hand seen companies heavily impacted by Chinese feelings on their autonomy and creative freedom already. This is no tinfoil hattery, it happens. Some times overtly with big online harassment campaigns some times covertly by the company suddenly feeling like their art assets really need an update where they remove all religious symbology, blood splatter, any reference to ghosts or spirits and covering up any cleavage or thighs previously shown. Yeah, no they just didn’t LIKE their old art anymore, sure!

Oh and don’t you even dare put a tiny little easter egg in your game that likens Chairman Mao to Winnie the poo because it apparently wont matter that you’re in no way affiliated with China or any Chinese companies. They’ll bury you alive and even years later GOG will for some reason “listen” to all us “gamers” who apparently really don’t want them to sell that one particular game, ever.

Yeah no… fuck this.

RIP Klei.


yup, that one is, regardless of Tencent specific “issues”, always the main cause for concern if/where a “beloved” XYZ game/dev gets swallowed up, no matter the good intentioned reasonings (i get it, financial instability is not fun in the dev business) - and the past track record/examples are just too vast to be potentially cheerful about something applying “the exception to the rule”.
You don’t become part of an “acquisition” out of the good will and nature of a capitalistic monolith; in the end they will always want a return on investment, and will put the screws to it to see to that it happens