They are live!!!

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The Bug Butcher: 89% claimed.

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The Bug Butcher: 93% claimed.

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The Bug Butcher: 98% claimed.

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Copy and paste Dusty’s post.

It’s fine to purchase now in Australia, seems as though they changed the ‘speed’ injectable to ‘boost juice’. We had another game years ago that also got refused based on a drug you take, I think it was Fallout 3 but could have been something else cause I’ve just had a browse through this list:

and there are quite a few that fall into that category.

I didn’t realise Hotline Miami 2 was banned.

PS Bug Butcher is at 99%

So long Bug Butcher

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Poop in my soup: 70% claimed

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Poop in my soup: 69% claimed



Missed it! I always forget when new games are about to come up but now I’m subscribed to this post and its date! :smirk:

I don’t think this thread will help you, because a new one gets created by the community when the next set shows up.