The Wolf Among Us free @Epic Games Store



Thank you @Mosky, much appreciated…


What timing too.


le big smile

Thanks @Mosky



First off, yesterday I was drunk af and straight up cried when my friend told me about TWAU2.

Second off, TWAU was a life-altering game for me. It was the first game on my Steam account. It was a 2013 christmaa gift from my best friend, so I played the episodes as they were released. I fell in love with the Fables universe and drank the whole anthology in one go even before finishing the game. Cried after reading the last issue, number 150, in 2015.

The characters captivated me to no end. I laughed, cried, second-guessed myself, wove theories upon theories as I struggle to pin-point who was at fault. I was taken back to my childhood, when I devoured Sherlock Holmes novels and felt even more clueless than Watson himself at Sherlock pointing out that there was, in fact, a snake in the chimney.

I still have a huge crush on Bigby, not gonna lie, and a tapestry of thoughts and ideas about where the second installment might take us.

Get this. Get this. Get this.


Thanks, Geeky and @Mosky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Bruh I thought I was the only one gay for him lol


I implore you to consider the possibility that there are women here on the forums as well…


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Memes, Memes Everywhere


Wamen, lol. That’s a new one for sure. ^^


Sorry @coralinecastell for that I didn’t read into it that well.

In today’s news, is me a sexist and/or a moron? Next on Fox News or whatever I guess


It’s weird how it came to be

This was the deal about half an hour into the next free game

Then about 10 minutes after it turned to this

Now it’s this

Not sure why they didn’t keep the current free game as the Escapist and the next one to be The Wolf Among Us

EDIT: Oh wait nvm I just realized they are both free now


Perhaps it’s one of those HA, SURPRISE kind of releases. The sequel was set to be announced in TGA, after all.
Or something something blah blah blah.




Wamens unite!

Thanks for the apology. Chillax I’m not offended and got a kick out of it. The male presence js really strong on gaming environments so I bet it’s always a challenge for people like myself, @Danacscott, @delenn13, @eishiya and so many others to exist, as women, in these spaces. :woman_shrugging:

Hope the reflection was worthwhile and that the thought occurs to you next time! :blush:

(And it’s cool calling me bro, bro.)

Speaking of the actual /thread though, I’ve never played The Escapists :thinking:

Hope y’all enjoy the freebies and feel free to hit me up for a chat about TWAU any time!!


Imagine if Tales from the Borderlands became free…

EGS I will literally eat your heart out


To keep it a bit more general on Telltale Games, I do generally like the visual style they have in their games. Sure, some like GOT may have looked a bit off but the cel shading, from what I heard, is easier to look good in 3D AS a whole. TWAU looks great in an artistic level but I will agree it is primitive even back then considering that it can run on my somewhat Lenovo A536, albeit maybe a bit blurry but it’s still playable in 60fps.


Their art style for each game perfectly matches the theme and mood of the game - one of the reasons why I enjoy EGS’ games so much. The story is great and all, but damn, they can really make a hell of a game.

Too bad they started declining with The Walking Dead: Michonne, though. They had a good run. Now the new company just has to make a new GOT game…