The Witcher (Steam Sale until April 15, 2018)

First game, 85% off: currently $1.49 USD:

Second game, 85% off, currently $2.99 USD:

There’s the Trilogy Bundle, which is not a great deal right now, since the GOTY version of The Witcher 3 is discounted to the same $19.99 price as the base game in the bundle. So weighing that 10% off vs GOTY version, I would rather go with the GOTY version, both are the same price right now individually.

Since I am pinching pennies right now, I might just buy 1&2 for now… wait for a even better deal on 3… Unless someone here tells me not to…

Sale to end April 15, 2018.

Thanks to @Agzer’s post below, apparently you can get the first Witcher game free on GOG, if you use the client:


I own the Witcher 2 but I couldn’t get into it, the combat was just too darn weird, plus I had began my first gaming depression when I got it for free from Xbox Live Gold.

I hear the Witcher 3 is a massive step up in its combat but you really should play the other two before hand for the story, so I am told.

I would suggest the GOTY Edition of Witcher 3 as it has those two massive expansions that are bigger than most games. I wouldn’t buy the base game alone.

I’d listen to this guy’s opinion on them, he is honest, although a fanboy of the series.


You can the witcher 1 for free on gog but the witcher 2 deal seems sweet!


Hmm… regional differences?


You claim gwent and then on gog client when you go to your library click on gwent and then there will be a banner with witcher 1. Should i link you a video?


Nah, it’s good, I don’t have the client, don’t really want to install it… Thanks though. I think I am going to buy these two games on Steam…

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Thanks for the mention! I realised i made a spelling mistake :persevere: I’m on phone so maybe that’s why

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Somewhat relevant to the topic at hand…

@Gnuffi have you laid your eyes upon this?


So despite what I said, I just downloaded the GOG client, since if I can play the first game for free, why not just buy the second game… :smile: Now how do I get the first game for free? :thinking: I am quite lost… Do you have to be logged into the GWENT web page?


Nevermind, I found it… a bit convoluted, but a free game is a free game, I can’t complain! :slight_smile:


If you just joined…you should get 6 or 7 games free…right off the bat…unless they have changed…


Nah, I am just new to GOG Galaxy, my GOG account is not new… :slight_smile:


I haven’t set up my galaxy account…I am scared to do it …:fearful::exploding_head::cold_sweat::scream::crazy_face:


I think they’ve changed when i signed up i didn’t get any games for free

I just did it for a free game… Lol…

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Do it, you might even have some games on your steam that is eligble for gog connect which makes you an extra copy drm free

I already use gog connect and get free games…

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Lol, i played witcher 1 and the combat mechanics are just :persevere:

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Ah, my bad

So even better that I get it without any using any real coins. I did just buy the second game on steam, with anticipation of buying the third at a heavy discount.