The Wheel of Time (Amazon Show)

So I think most people here who are regulars know how much I love the series, and probably have seen me discuss the show several times. If not…well know I am a huge fan. :slight_smile:

Today they announced the cast for the main characters!

Which means we’re getting closer. Now my biggest concern is whether or not they remove the religious elements or force a negative into everything to fit political statements. I just want the book and that’s all, you know?

So far, casting seems fine, other than I don’t know who these people are. :sweat_smile: then again, didn’t know most of the GOT cast and they ended up perfect (despite having a terrible show ending associated to them).

Thoughts? :relaxed:


Interesting, didn’t even know they were making a show. WoT was my first major fantasy novel addiction, so it holds a special place in my heart, but I fell off after Jordan died. Hopefully they do it justice and it doesn’t go the way of The Shannara Chronicles.


It’s been so many years since I last read the series and I was so disappointed when Robert Jordan died before finishing it.

I’m looking forward to how they will portray the Ways and Machin Shin or Shadar Logoth and Mashadar, that stuff really badly creeped me out back then. I hope they manage to capture the full horror and cruelty that’s rife in that world and don’t wuss out trying to make it PG13.


Haven’t finished the series yet, this means I might have to (I have a rule that if I a series that’s adapted from a book I have to read the book(s) first). Casting looks good though, I’d rather pretty unknown people over established actors personally. It keeps their personalities out of the way and allows the characters to show more in my opinion.