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The site log me out after restart browser


Recently, after upgrade to Firefox 70, I have to login every time after restart browser. I tried other site, it’s normal as usual. Is there something I need to do to prevent me from logout?



Email and they will sort it out. It sounds like it’s a setting or change of some sort in Firefox.

Also…Welcome to the forum :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


OK, got it. Thanks!

P.S. The Community site could keep me login, it’s really strange…


it’s because the main site uses a different type of local cookie thingy, that firefox often just has a temp setting for
it was discussed before, (sry can’t remember the thread) with the local data firefox option that needed to be set to not remove that token
(ofc firefox has completely changed layout now so that option setting might be different now)


Maybe it’s related, but since I joined, I didn’t have any login problems (modified before maybe?)
Anyway, I upgrade Firefox to 70.0.1 today and I tried to set the site permission: Store Data in Persistent Storage->Allow (Default: Always Ask), and the login information keeps. But I set that permission back to default and restart browser again, it still keeps me login as normal.


no clue, i can’t remember because i never set that setting when it was discussed :sweat_smile: