The shovelware that keeps being offered on the coin shop in unreal

Look, I realize these are basically free games but com’on, you’ve got to make some effort. Right now there’s a whopping backlog of 19 games still available to claim because no one wants them. You guys need to start offering some games people actually want (even if that means higher coin prices), otherwise soon enough, the coin shop will be nothing but a neverending list of games no one cares about


They wont. There’s a rabid pack of fanboys here that they hide behind. I’m reaching 100k coins because I’m from the era pre bait-and-switch. They basically built a following by offering good games for a year, then dialed it back when they had the traffic they needed. I expose this every chance I get outside of this website, and I’m involved with a very large group. Our discord is a madhouse, our main group is 60 strong, and I game with new people daily. So far no one in this group who is savvy, has disagreed with me, thankfully. Chrono looks like a hero, but sadly they’re one of the bad guys.

What’s fair? Do what I do. Don’t let your friends waste their time here.


I hate to say it I’m starting to agree with you.
Its been a long time since we have had a gem like Brigador.



What the hell are you on about ? … you might not believe that some people are here nor for free stuff but for a community :slight_smile: i couldnt give less ducks about coin shop, i’m grown up man who can buy his games him self and not rant about how i’m not getting what i want for free every moment i get and i suggest you to do the same and frankly just shut up and move on if you dont like it here.


I’m going to have to agree with you here for the most part, DontBeSilly. Is it disappointing that there aren’t any better games in the coin shop? Yes, admittedly. I’ll be upfront: one of the games I got from the coin shop kinda sucked, as the controls are sluggish and hard to figure out using keyboard and the locked 30FPS (or just having a bad PC in general) on an otherwise simple looking game makes it worse for me, which is rarely a problem for myself. But the fact that they were given away for free at all is at least a consolation in its own right. Who knows, you might even find a game that is surprisingly good or at the very least decent or interesting, even if it is just a few elements out of a dozen you can appreciate. Yes, it would be great for another Hotline Miami and Dead Cells situation, but if they cannot afford it or if the developers do not want to give them, then I wouldn’t recommend being this angry if the cards are stacked against them.
While I do not believe that you should be ostricised because you expressed an unpopular opinion, the tone and a lack of justifications would make people think that you are more vitriolic than you probably are, which perhaps isn’t the case I’m aware but you get the point. If you are not satisfied with how the business is doing, then that is perfectly fine. Its great you are able to give some feedback where most people would’ve shrugged it off and never bother to report it. What bothers people is how you approached your feedback. Because your emotions overwhelm you, there will be many people who would not take you seriously, thus the reactions you see now.
I hope I don’t come across as passive aggressive, because I genuinely hope you will be able to learn from this experience and know what to do next time. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone here is being angry at you as a person, that would be ridiculous. Heck, you can see the like I have given to one post of criticism. While I dont agree with all is said, I commend that they can give out criticism to a website even if it known well that there’d be some major pushback. Rhetoric like this however only makes it worse for everyone involved, so I suggest you dial it back a little bit and compose yourself. Once you mention clearly why you don’t like with fair points, people would respect you more and who knows, it might even lead to meaningful change in the way it is run.
Apologies for the long post, this is just what I thought in my mind. If I have said something that is not true and would only make things worse, let me know. Its great that not all the time people agree with me, as it allows me to become a better person overall and understand my approach in things.


I found this post finally, so I am sharing it here:

Let’s just take gifts with gratitude and not for granted…


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ppl showing their true nature…

I flagged. I hope it leads to a ban. Keeping my insults to myself.

@cbd1203 not only are you using the words “fanboy” and “bait-and-switch” without rly understanding what they mean, but u also apparently fail to understand clear statements:

And if you feel like the fact that you “deleted” your post should be enough, think again, it’s still readable, and I suppose you only deleted it to hide the fact that you said you’re 100% sure this doesn’t apply to the games of the coin shop and later realized it literally said so, and this suspicion is strengthened by the fact that you crossed out those words.

And all that changes nothing to the fact that your words directed to @DontBeSilly are not only insulting but also dirty, and it says a lot about you as a person that these are the type of similes your mind comes up with to make a point about someone on a forum about games in a topic about the quality of free games…


Enough is enough. This thread is done.