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Is squirrel allergic to shrimp?


To truth, never eet the shrimps - they looks so not food to me. However, no longer can eat cheese or milk or such things. T_T I do have a wee bit, but it not good for digestion/GERD.


Currently making pulled pork by slow braising it in the oven, only problem is this is going to take something like 6-8h and I want dinner in 2. I can’t seem to make this math work out.

edit: well the meat is certainly done and delicious. Put far too much liquid into the pan so that’ll need to be reduced down further, but it’s looking to be coming up to being a very tasty chili sauce to dress the meat with in the end.


I need to start eating at @Enki’s 'cause I am so tired of cooking.


I got some really nice Greek feta cheese, so i made some buns filled with feta, spinach, lotsa garlic and nuts. Really good, and a bit healthier than the regular sweet cinnamon buns.


They do look good. So many too. ^^


Now those look delicious :yum:


We finally got some spring and good weather, so i harvested som rhubarbs from my mothers garden and made a little cake. Got some cardamom, cinnamon, pistacios and cashews together with the fruits.

Was lovely with a cup of coffee.


I am currently experimenting with 3 parts of recipes for one recipe for making ice cream.

These are the three recipes that I put together to make ice cream. The problem is that I make so much of it. So testing them all out makes progress slow. If I get the recipes figured out, I’ll re-post them. But here are the incomplete recipes with estimated numbers.

  1. Heavy cream recipe using butter and milk.

5tsp butter

melt in pot, very low heat, don’t cook/boil it

2/3cup milk

add 2tbsp melted butter to milk container to stir and temper it
add milk to butter a little at a time
keep heat very low
stir until it mixes
let cool
becomes 1cup of heavy cream
refrigerate or freeze to store
warm and shake before use
(optional alternative recipe) mix/blend a little until it whips up and becomes heavy whipping cream.

  1. Sweetened condensed milk recipe using whole milk and sugar.

3cups whole milk
1cup white sugar (3/4cup if too sweet)

pour milk into pot
when milk starts steaming, add sugar
stir until sugar dissolves to prevent chunks of sugar from floating in the milk
cook at medium-low at a low boil until it is as thick as store bought
if you smell burning, reduce the heat
stir often, do not let film build up on the surface
thickened milk should look creamy and smooth and coat the back of the spatula
may take 15-30mins
put into container and refrigerate 1hour before use to thicken more
refrigerate up to 7days(?) OR 1month(?) or freeze up to 3months(?) (unconfirmed)

  1. Ice cream recipe using heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk.

21oz/600ml/20.2oz heavy cream (30%-36% fat)
2-5tbsp vanilla extract for vanilla taste
2-5tbsp vanilla extract AND 3-6tbsp dark chocolate powder for chocolate taste

mix/blend together until it has soft peaks
evaluate if it is soft or stiff peaks
scrape cream off the bowl walls
mix/blend again for 10 second increments until it has stiff peaks
do not blend longer, it will become butter
follow visual cues, not time

14oz/400ml/13.5oz sweetened condensed milk

stir ingredients with spatula to combine, do not use mixer
(optional) add splash of whole milk if ice cream is greasy
(optional) add fruits, chocolate chips, or oreos, etc.
pour into freezable container
freeze +6hours before eating

After I figure out these 3 parts and get the vanilla and chocolate recipe completely correct, then I will start to figure out which fruits, nuts, oreos, etc. to add and how much.


Hmmm Cake and ice cream! :yum:


That there is the life :heart_eyes_cat: