The Recipe Thread - share your kitchen wonders!

Funnily enough I too went to church today as well. 1-year passing of one of my close friends. Fuck cancer.

Here are some other Brazilian dishes you guys can cook outside of Brazil (aka ingredients are easy to get):

Main courses:

Moqueca :fish:

Acarajé :four_leaf_clover:
(the whole website is super informative! many recipes for sweets as well.)

Feijão Tropeiro :pig:


Beijinho :leaves:

Quindim :leaves:

Please consider using something like this when linking recipes, for ease of use:

:fish: = contains fish
:pig: = contains pig
:cow: = contains beef
:leaves: = vegetarian
:four_leaf_clover: = vegan

Added complete list to OP above. Suggestions welcome!


Good luck trying to convince me to share “my version” of pão de queijo.


Mr. Delenn gets really tired of me experimenting on him but I get so tired of the same old same old. So I “try” things i find on the internet or in books…mags whatever. This experiment he loves and begs for…

I found “Georgia Pork” in a pamphlet/booklet that I got in snail mail and it had all the Best Recipes from the 50 State Fairs.Very simple to make. I have changed it a lot. Added can or fresh peaches if in season. Changed the preserves to orange marmalade and made "Florida/California Pork. Added pineapple pieces and called it Hawaiian Pork. I try to find a chunky salsa. I upped the ante and got the HOT taco seasonings and salsas. Plus I have made it with beef, ham and chicken too. Oh and I use Brown rice…Healthier :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


gets fold-out knife
straps it securely to inside pocket of her leather jacket
hops onto bike
drives to the quebrada
gets 50 bucks out of her other pocket – the one with the emergency paçoca

“Who wants to help me make a dude talk?”

makes dramatic gesture of slicing someone’s throat with her knife
laughs heartily in Brazil


Delenn I love and appreciate you and think your changes greatly improve on the lovely recipe you sent us but you reminded me of this joke post, which I hope will cheer up your night:

All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog
“I followed this to the letter, except I substituted walnuts and tofu for the skirt steak, ditched the cheese entirely, and replaced the starch with a turnip salad. Turned out great. My seven-year-old boys have never seen a dessert and I’ve convinced them that walnut-and-turnip salad is “cake.” Thanks for the recipe!”

“I don’t have any of these ingredients at home. Could you rewrite this based on the food I do have in my house? I’m not going to tell you what food I have. You have to guess.”



I highly appreciate this thread as I’m constantly looking for new recipes/ideas to cook. Definitely gonna try some of your suggestions. Will be posting results if I didn’t botch it completely.

Also @Enki… your memes and posts are part of the reason I’m coming back to this forum but for the sake of uncovering the secret sloth version of pão de queijo…

… I’ll even side with my archenemy for once. I hope you are prepared.


Here some recipes for my favorite and absolutely temporarily don’t get comfortable archenemy supporter :yellow_heart:

Roast turkey for Thanksgiving! :turkey:

If you’re like me and always get left out at Thanksgiving… haha… no I’m not bitter… ): :leaves:

Negroni :tropical_drink:

Sweet potato! :leaves:


Let me share one of my favourite soups with you and maybe the sloth will relent.

1 yellow onion, a vegetable which comes in a huge variety of sizes so good luck!
2 cloves of garlic, I know you probably want to be all “Hah I always double ANY garlic instructions!” because that’s cool. Thing is though it’s not meant to taste of garlic, it’s meant to blend into the background and be part of the flavour profile. Just treat them well and 2 cloves will be plenty, more on that later.
4 Potatoes, another greatly variable sized vegetable.
1 red pepper
400g ground beef. Preferably the 12% leaner stuff, but the 20% is often much cheaper.
Oil or butter for browning and sauteing.
500g diced/crushed tomatoes
6dl water

Salt and pepper, to taste.
1.5 tsp cinnamon, ground
1.5 tsp cardamom, kernels whole. Or if you get whole pods then be fancy and do that.
1 beef bullion cube or about 5dl of stock, in which case cut out the water.
parsley if you want it

Served with thick “greek/turkish style” yoghurt.

Lets start off with the garlic because the pungent flavour of garlic comes from a chemical reaction happening when it’s cell structure gets damaged. This reaction however stops in acidic environments, so if you just press garlic into food straight away not much is going to be happening. This is probably why you want to put a full head of garlic into things.

So lets mince that garlic, nice and fine, with a knife. Look up some instructions if you need to. Pile that up on a corner of your cutting board and let the garlic hang out and marinate itself while you chop up the onion and dice the pepper.

Brown the beef in a pot while you crush the cardamom in a mortar with a pestle. Now if you are after all using the cheaper 20% fat ground beef you might want to drain some of that out here. Once the beef is browned add the crushed cardamom, cinnamon, salt, black pepper, onions and garlic saute that for another 2-3 minutes and add the bullion cube.

Add water, crushed tomatoes and bring to a boil, stir occasionally while you peel and dice up the potatoes. Add the potatoes and pepper then let it simmer on low heat under a lid for about 20 minutes or the potatoes are done, taste and add more salt and pepper and parsley if desired.

Serve with a dollop of yoghurt and some thick crusty bread.


I substituted the beef with tofu, added paprika instead of cardamom, used sweet potatoes instead of regular ones and served it raw to my uninvited guests that showed up at lunch time when I was trying to work in peace. They all threw up and the toiled now smells of onions and undigested garlic. Regular recipe. 3/5

actually thanks for sharing @Fraggles even though I don’t eat beef and know you’re gonna be all like “the recipe is meant to be with ground beef you silly Brazilian twat, you cannot substitute it with other substances! No! Not even human meat. I’ve said my word! No, none of that nasty fish either. I said ground beef, so it’s ground beef!” and then you’re gonna read this, have a hearty chuckle, quote me on your reply and go “but really, ground beef.”


The cardamom substitution would be the primary deal breaker. That’s one of the big stars of this show without which it simply wouldn’t be the same thing.

I don’t really know how tofu performs when boiled, it might potentially work with the firm stuff. You could possibly switch the beef for chicken mince if you want to, Quorn mince would work, black beans might be entirely possible substitution too.

Not sure about making it entirely vegetarian however as the broth is quite important, veggie broth would change the profile a lot. Maybe it could be pulled off if you compliment it with a few drops of dark soy sauce. Maybe adding a piece of star anise to help offset the loss of umami flavours the beef brings, but not so much that you get the licorice flavour coming through.

Edit: I almost forgot to add, if it’s available on your market make sure you get Brazilian beef. Preferably from a cow who has personally burnt down rain forest. The more ecological disaster wrought the tastier the meat!


Loving the variety of responses so far.

A. You are always welcome with my family for thanksgiving, I’ve got a gluten allergy on my side and my wife’s side has lots of different allergies, so there’s always a good variety of food you could eat :slight_smile: .
B. Got any more cocktail recipes? I’m a big fan of mixed drinks.

Here’s my favorite Meatloaf recipe, and the only one my wife likes. There are three things I change to this recipe.

  1. I add less thyme sometimes, my wife is not a big fan of the flavour but I like having a hint of it in there.
  2. I don’t use “fried onion pieces”. I slice my own onion (one onion is enough) into thin circles, and then drop It into some hot oil and make my own.
  3. I leave the onion out of the inside of my meatloaf. I just leave it, it’s not my favorite texture in there.

I have pleased germans, Koreans, Australians, and Americans with this recipe (and my alterations), so I think it’s pretty good.



That’s really nice to hear, thank you!

I’ll consider your threats polite requests.


@Fraggles p33rs Another beef eater, sigh. First my bestie, then @Pylinaer, now you. What is my life? :cry:

I haven’t done anything more creative than Google how to make cheese paste this morning - not for a long time. (Onion is what I had forgotten). I hates cooking. kicks stove top

I love baking. hugs oven Have a mind to try mein own macaroni pie for me and my feisty bunny bestie, not this week though.


Loads. No internet ATM please remind me tomrorow


Will do.

Also, made this for dinner tonight if anyone wants to try:

Was quite delicious although the sauce was a bit… much (if that makes sense). I’ll for sure be making it again, but I might play around with adding a little vinegar to tone down the sweetness of the sauce. Easy to make and overall delicious.


Chocolate Truffles (I’ll come up with a better name someday…)

1 bag of Birthday Cake Oreos (~36)
8oz Neufchâtel cheese (or cream cheese)
11oz baker’s chocolate (chocolate chunks, semi-sweet morsels, white, dark, your choice)
1oz vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
18 mini muffin paper cups

  1. Toss 2.5 of the 3 sleeves of oreos (~30) into a blender or Ninja, something to shred them instantly. Put into mixing bowl.
  2. Blend Neufchâtel cheese, spices with crumbled oreos until smooth(ish). Small chunks allowed, big chunks not.
  3. In a separate small mixing bowl, blend/shred remaining 0.5 sleeves of Oreos (~6). Set aside. Can be combined with step 1 if you’re a genius and know ratios really well.
  4. Roll Oreo/Neufchâtel into bite size balls, setting on cookie sheet or aluminum foil. Put in fridge/freezer to set while…
  5. Toss 11oz chocolate into microwave safe bowl, nuke on high for 20 sec periods, stirring, until melted. Can also use stovetop double layer technique, (pan/water/bowl/chocolate). Add vanilla to both keep smooth.
  6. A. Pull truffles from fridge/freezer, dip into melted chocolate coating completely. Caution: Chocolate will be hot, but can use whatever instrument you prefer: fingers, toothpicks, chopsticks, deep fry dunker, etc.
    B. Roll coated truffles in the 6 spare Oreos you crumbled in step 3. Place back on cookie sheet/foil and freeze 1 hour+.
  7. (Optional) Decorate with fancy chocolate stripes, zigzags, whatever patterns you want before freezing. Also, can buy 1 can of Maraschino cherries and roll 1 into each truffle’s center during step 4.
  8. When ready for display, remove from freezer, place in mini muffin cups, fill old cookie tins, etc. Keep refrigerated until eaten.

These are the best party desserts in existence, so easy even a bachelor can make them.
:poop: I have spoken. :poop:


Hey @Vindace, I promise I’ll increment this post with links for the book etc when I’m not on the bus late at night. For now, didn’t wanna keep you waiting.

Took some shots of my favorite cocktail book. Im a big fan of doing new cocktails and stuff as well as making the old classics (from the Manhattan to the Cuba Libre, my favorite).

So here js a few drinks you might not have tried. If you want more I can PM you as I don’t wanna send more than a few shots of the book because

  1. wanna incentive people to buy it if they can
  2. don’t wanna copyright infringe it lol

Here ya go

Singapore Sling - Gin

La Paloma - Tequila

Mai Tai - Rum


The Book :yellow_heart:


@coralinecastell Thank you! I think I’ve actually seen that book, It’s certainly one I’ll put on my list.

Absolutely feel free to PM me some of your favorites! There’s admittedly not many I’ve tried, but I’ve found my tastes are pretty varied.


Meant to reply to this earlier. I use a lot of recipes from Cooking Comically (the book and website)

Here are a couple that are outside of that that I have variations on:

Garlic Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Stir Fry (using water)

I think this one I ended up actually removing the pepper. And I think it’s actually closer to 1/2 a pepper if you do add it.

Fruit Smoothies

But where are the quantities?
I would use frozen fruit for the chill factor. Yogurt should also be vanilla flavoured
The combos I know are as follows:

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Mixed Berry
  • Tropical Blend (Mango, Pineapple)

I have the ingredients list for snicker salad, I just need to figure out the ratios.

I also have one for what I call Hot Dish. However, I am busy making sure I’ve got the spices ratios correct. (I think I also forgot to get the tomato soup for it today :frowning: )


@Pylinaer said to revive the recipe thread, so here we go:

The recipes that I’ve tried before:
Creme brulee
(YouTube link)

Tried it with my friends and it worked pretty ok! Just don’t be dumb and pull it out of the fridge 20 minutes before you’re supposed to pull it out (we totally didn’t make that mistake :P)

There is a more simple recipe over on Tasty (link), for all of you who don’t want to deal with a bajillion ingredients flying around.

Dan dan noodles
(YouTube link)

Tried it, I messed up because I forgot to prep everything before hand and ended up wasting time chopping up things instead of cooking. Came out pretty ok, though (the flavor was pretty good!)

Recipes I haven’t tried yet, but will do after quarantine:
Honey Mustard Chicken w/ broccoli and pearl onions
(YouTube link)

Adam Ragusea is a king. Easy for beginners/someone who’s getting into cooking.

Black beans with cilantro-lime brown rice and pickled onions (also from Adam Ragusea)
(YouTube link)

Meatless. Easy process and should be filling!


I suppose if I suggest to start it up I should also post something.

It’s a good thing I did because it was missing an ingredient - Salt.

Hot Dish

1/2 16oz box of Elbow Noodles
1/2 Small Onion
1LB Ground Beef
2 Cans Tomato Soup
3/8 Teaspoon of Salt
3/8 Teaspoon of Pepper
3/8 Teaspoon Garlic Powder or 2 Cloves of Garlic

  1. Boil Noodles according to taste.
  2. Chop 1/2 Onion and garlic cloves (if chosen)
  3. Add onion, garlic, and beef into pan. Cook until beef is browned.
  4. Once noodles are done, drain pot, and wash off noodles and pot out.
  5. Add tomato soup, beef, noodles, pepper, and salt into pot.
  6. Cook on medium/medium low until hot.
  7. Serve!