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Happy Thanksgiving!


I know that the holiday is just in the US on this day, but I hope everyone a wonderful day with family, eat good food, and be happy!


Hmmm, turkey day!




Tomorrow i will actually go to celebrate it in a way, my girlfriend’s best friend is married to a guy from USA and they are making thanksgiving dinner over here so i’m a bit curious :slight_smile: No turkey for me but i was assured that there are some tasty stuff without meat as well.


I hope they know that you don’t eat meat and make some stuff without meat or meat products…

Do you eat dairy and eggs? Or are you vegan and eat no animal products?

If they know ahead of time, there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan things that can be cooked in a thanksgiving style. :smiley:


I’ll just go ahead and do the Devil’s work:


I know there are plenty of good things to make for vegans, because a few years ago when we lived in Buffalo, we had a very close vegan friend for whom we cooked at least once a week. And so we perfected many vegan recipes along the way, with plenty of disasters too. It’s not easy, but once we got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to organize…

By we, I meant my wife, my only help was that I got out of the way…


I think they were made aware of my dietary choices so it should be all right :smiley: There should be something tasty for me as well.

I do eat dairy and eggs so that gets me quite a few options i believe.


They’ve all put real thought into what they’re thankful for this year and compiled a short list ahead of time on in their handy cellphones that will promptly be put aside as soon as they’ve served their purpose.

I hope all the Americans here have a good weekend.


Happy - get stuffed nice and fat like a turkey - day to those who celebrate.

I had macaroni pie; is thankful.


macaroni pie sounds interesting


@YQMaoski So thanksgiving dinner was sort of experience really. I really liked cornbread, some sort of corns in cream and some sort of casserole with crunchy onions on top.

There also was mac’n’cheese which my host cooked for 6 hours in a slowcooking pot which is so much different from how i do mac’n’cheese.

Deserts were complete overkill . We had pumpkin pie ( which i really loved because it was not to sweet , well compared to other stuff ) , some sort of peanutbutter and chocolate cake and sweet potatoes in something with marshmallow on top. Those two were insanely sweet and buttery so i think everyone a little bit of diabetes from that :smiley: He also suggested us putting icecream on top and some sort sugar and peanutbutter mix on top … everyone died from the sugar overdose.

There was ofc turkey and stuffing but i obviously didint try any of that. Cranberry sauce was nice as well. There was also mashed potatoes and peas and few snacks.

It was nice :slight_smile: