The New User Of The Year!

Hello everyone! I… for some unknown mad reason that I cannot comprehend, have just been recently informed by what ever horrible judge thought that this would be okay that I would become…


Hold up. I am not the one being silly here… @DontBeSilly is the one being silly!.. :neutral_face:
Okay, lame joke, but I’m sure the community leaders at least hoped that one would be used.
Anyways, both me and @DontBeSilly have become the new users of the month!
I would celebrate by giving out a game or two, but unfortunately, I have none to give.
If anyone wants to be a private donater, I would be happy to host it for you! :smiley:
With that being said, I hope you all do have a good day, and truly… a horrible decision.



I wonder why @K16 was never awarded that badge. He low key carried this forum in its inception!


I guess only 2 people joined this month. : )

It wasn’t available back then.


Then he should be awarded retroactively. @lonin let’s go.




Think hard.

Who replied to almost every daily deal back in the day and complimented the writing of the descriptions? :thinking:


Check his badges


Now award yourself that badge for doing that. :kiss:


Hey…and i thought i was the speciul boi … :smiley:


another ChronieX? :thinking:


While I have never met @K16 on here, I have to agree that that person is an “awesome person”. Hell, he even has a badge that says so!

Well, now you are special, in more ways then one… and it seems I am now too… HOORAR!

We’ll name him ChronieX-2, The new and the questionably improved!


Don’t be silly, silly


That badge is too good :joy:

Mesmerizing, even.

What happened to @K16 anyways? I don’t think I’ve ever met them…


My son. The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name, wait, what…fuck me.

BOY! nope, nope, nope, dammit… that’s not right either…

Yea… no, not even gonna touch that one…

What I am tryin’ to say @Scribesake, and failin’ miserably at it, is congratulations ma boy. You earned it, quite literally even. As a reward for your lil’ achievement and your desire to give back to the community, let me be the first (?) to help ya out. I am fairly certain that if you were to reach out to “Mom” for a handful of keys to give away, that she would be more than happy to give you a few. Shoot her a DM or reach out to her, she’s heartbroken that our special little man doesn’t stay in contact with us as much as we would like. Talk to you later… love, Dad.


Never met them either I don’t think. What I want to know though is how @K16 got the “awesome person” badge.


I think the requirements are that you need a mass of people without your acknowledgement to agree on how awesome said one person was. Fortunately, it was thanks to this topic that he gained such an honor, so I do expect at least 50% of people saying how awesome I am later to come… ~COUGH~

and just for future acknowledgment… this is not how you should honor me.

Pops, I’m sorry for not being able to reach out to you guys as often as you would like. I was just at a rewards ceremony for the best but not brightest star reward. At least it’s not one of those “At least you tried” rewards I kept getting in grade school for some reason…

(P.S. For some reason, the GIFS arn’t working… Once again, I TRIED.)

But hey, thanks for the that info about ma. I know I should spend more time with her despite the several pistachios bags that she consumes on a day-by-day basis. I’d be concerned even if she wasn’t part squirrel.

Thanks for the advise pops @GeekInUndies, and I’ll tell ma you said hi. Talk to ya later!


Hey hey … i dont know who you are as well :smiley:


Well then, Hi! I’m Vindace. I’ve been around here for a bit over a year and am usually pretty active. Don’t always have tons to say, but I love being here.


Oh, child.

There was a time before you.

A time before cyclical giveaways of digital goods. When our founding fathers have enforced the principles of this very community and no moderators were required. When there were no fragile gnomes or mooing doctors and there weren’t enough people to hold nocturnal tabletop séances. When there was no currency to collect and no chests to be opened. When the most exciting event was the daily deal and people waited with joyous anticipation for the lyrical masterpiece that would accompany the showcased item.

A time before you - a time before most of you - but @K16 was there to fill the gaping void with his words. He is the foundation of what this forum is today. He saw a tabula rasa and didn’t shy away from the overwhelming emptiness, instead he embraced the possibilities it gave him and chose to create a welcoming environment for all of you and generations to come.

Also he registered really early and was active af.


Oh my goodness! I was dropping by to talk about today’s deal and had no idea why I had so many notifications. So here I am incredibly stunned at how amazing everyone is! Love this community. Um, please accept my apologies as we’re here to celebrate Scribesake, and my apologies for my extended absence.

Please provide me with some of your time, as I reply to as many as I can:

@DownwardConcept : How do I even top this?! How?! Simply put, I love’s refreshingly different and ethical business practice of reselling Steam keys, during a time when people have abused this opportunity VALVe inadvertently created. Their promotions of independent developers and bringing lesser known games to our attention is something I would gladly support. Of course, since then’s success has expanded to gain developer/publisher trust to secure much higher profile games, but at the time it was a small-time business with a lean tight-knit team, where only small developers would give them a shot.

Even with promotions by Totalbiscuit and other internet personalities, the forums were still building a community and didn’t become this established until a few months before the coin shop was launched. I want to support both’s business practice, and Alex Faciane’s (Super Beard Bros./The Dex/ThatOneVideoGamer) hilarious writing, though there are gems from substitute ghost writers too cough frst and lonin cough. And so I joined the community and stayed as active as time would permit me. Even if I didn’t have the money to buy the game, or the game wasn’t my cup of tea, I wanted to identify either the game’s value, the creativity of the writing, or waste everyone’s time with a random comment. I just wanted to express my desire to be a fan in these forums.

And now here we are, with a huge community posting every hour, awesome community moderators keeping us in line, and so many free key giveaways and PSAs (especially by these moderators who started these giveaways long before their forum promotions)! You’re all amazing! So why am I saying all this when you, DownwardConcept, already know this? Well first, I wanted to make you roll your eyes in sarcasm and cringe. Cause I feel like it. Second of all, I wanted to let everyone know how much effort you made in acknowledging me and that you witnessed my entire history of being here in’s community. You were there and you made me feel welcome and rewarded for chatting here.

It’s a treat to be here and I want to thank you in a very boring fashion with a lack of creative writing. I simply can’t be as poetic and hilarious as you, but I hope my words express a portion of the appreciation I have for this random act of kindness you have provided to me and everyone else here. Even in general your posts tend to highlight other people and that is really awesome of you! So… Thank you!

I feel that moderators here deserve this badge too though. Can we fix that? I know that’s a lot of badges to issue, but there’s a lot of awesome people here and no pun intended. Moderators do thankless jobs just like Chrono Inc. staff.

@Fraggles : Thank you for clarifying!

@lonin : THIS IS AWESOME THANK YOU! Although I feel that DownwardConcept deserves this badge more than me. I mean, look at this person’s writing past and present! Is there anything that can be done to acknowledge this person’s efforts and contributions to the community? I’m still in a state of shock because this really cool reward showed up completely out of the blue! THANK YOU! Like… I don’t know how to say anything beyond THANK YOU! Oh I know! I can ruin the moment by pointing out that the badge picture doesn’t load on my computer! Yaaaay!

@Scribesake : Congratulations on being THE New User of the Month! Well deserved with your creatively funny posts! And I don’t just mean meme pics, but more about your writing. I am K-16 and it’s a pleasure to meet you! You may also refer me as KOneSix or K16. All are correct. They’re only different depending on which site I go to with their respective naming restrictions or “somebody else got it first and are sitting on it inactively.”

Thank you for the compliment on a badge that I had no idea existed whatsoever! Heheh, ChronieX-2. I think I figured out what the criteria is and my speculation is different than yours. I believe our answer is based on this forum thread, where a very active poster we all know has hinted exactly how it works. The timing of when I suddenly received this badge out of the blue, and when this person posted would explain how it happens. I can be wrong, as I am making a blind guess here and have no actual information on its criteria. It appears to be a badge that is VERY RARELY awarded. I am STILL trying to figure out how to express my appreciation to everyone here to both staff and fans, but I am far too stunned to come up with the right words to represent even a portion of my gratitude.