The Myst and More Bundle at Humble.

I just got this. Less than what the Humble Class is for 11 games and a coupon…

Legendary adventures that span ages

Discover timeless classics and modern wonders in this bundle of games from the legendary Myst series—plus even more adventure games that will challenge your mind and take your breath away.

Return to where it all began (and experience it in a whole new way) in realMyst: Masterpiece Edition. Delve further into the series’ rich fiction and brain-bending puzzles in sequels like Myst III: Exile. Venture to a wholly different alien world in Obduction, an original sci-fi adventure from the creators of Myst. Own a collection of games for the Ages, and support Active Minds with your purchase!


Saw this one. I have the original on Steam, and damn is the game hard. It was a gift from our @Whiterabbit-uk, a good few years ago.


I have RealMyst on Gog and played it for an hour without getting anywhere, i liked the originals but these kind of games are (imo) more fun with friends to discuss with.
Obduction i didn’t like, can’t remember why though.


@blomvik and @Danacscott I have a friend who has a bunch of hand written notebooks for each game. But it’s feels better to have solved them by yourself. I have most of these on GOG too.


At some point I had like half a dozen of small notebooks for the original Myst. I would make notes, especially for the constellation puzzle and the tunnel map and then put them away “for future use”, but whenever I would come back to replay the game, I’d just write the notes and draw the maps again :laughing:


I did buy realMyst already but not the others, so I got the bundle. :slight_smile:


We must pray for you not to go nuts from trying to figure out the puzzles. Hee.


I played most of them some time ago, so it’s not exactly new to me. :slight_smile: Thanks though!